How did "Xisai" touch it?In fact, it is very simple. After the pregnant woman reads it, she can touch themselves

Many girls do not know much about pregnancy now. Many times they do n’t know when they are pregnant. They have been three or four months when they find that they are pregnant, and they have done it in these three or four months.Earn less physical things, such as drinking, eating cold drinks all day, etc., which harms your body, and may harm children.

In fact, many times do not have to go to the hospital to find out if you are pregnant.Traditional Chinese medicine can confirm the pulse, and this technical work is not difficult to learn.

How did "Xisai" touch it?In fact, it is very simple. After the pregnant woman reads it, she can touch themselves

Pulse is one of the core technologies of traditional Chinese medicine. It judges what strangeness has appeared through the rules of human body pulse beating.As long as you look for the Pulous Elephant Acupoint, you can touch it yourself.

There is a blood vein in the pulse. When a woman’s physical condition is better and blood is very strong, this represents the woman’s qi and blood, which means that she is pregnant.

The index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the hand are placed on the pulse, closure, and heart. If you can clearly feel the pulse beating, it is called slippery pulse, also known as Xixi pulse, which indicates that the pulse is pregnant.These three positions are indispensable. Without any feeling of beating, they cannot judge pregnancy.

In addition, even if you touch Ximai, it does not mean that he will be pregnant. It also needs a woman’s pregnancy response to confirm it. For example, after the girl touches the happy pulse, she still has nausea.There is a great chance that women are pregnant.At this time, you can go to the hospital for examination and confirm the diagnosis.

Of course, teaching everyone to learn to make the pulse, not to allow women to test the money. The pulse is just to let everyone wake up earlyPerform a regular inspection to keep the child’s health.

What can producer for pregnant women play?

1. Detect whether the body of the pregnant woman is healthy

Some pregnant women usually do not pay attention to maintenance, nor do they love sports, and have poor physical fitness, but they do not recognize themselves.When conducting a check -up, the physical condition of the pregnant woman can be followed in time. In addition, some pregnant women can easily cause complications during childbirth. If the doctor does not discover the timely complications that may cause, it will cause the maternal danger during pregnancy.

The purpose of the checkup is to discover whether the pregnant woman has the possibility of complications, so that the doctor can treat it in a timely manner to improve the body of the pregnant woman and reduce the risk of childbirth.

2. The birth check is to ensure baby health

Many pregnant women do many things that hurt their bodies without knowing their pregnancy, such as injections, medicine, drinking, etc. These things may affect the health of the fetus.Or congenital diseases caused by parental genes, if the child occurs, doctors can treat them as soon as possible to effectively avoid pregnant women with unhealthy babies.

3. The checkup can help doctors adjust the way of childbirth

In the past, the mortality rate of pregnant women’s delivery was high because of difficulty in giving birth. At that time, the medical conditions were poor. The mother -in -law could not predict the childbirth of the pregnant woman in advance. As a result, during the process of childbirth, the wrong way was taken to hurt the health of pregnant women and children.

The position of the fetus can be detected through the checkup and whether there will be a factor that is not conducive to the delivery. Doctors can choose the way of childbirth suitable for her according to the situation of the pregnant woman to ensure the safety of pregnant women.

Some pregnant women think that the birth check will cost a lot of time and money, so they are unwilling to check the checkup.But in fact, the birth test is the basic guarantee for pregnant women and fetal health. Only regular examinations can help the mother solve the problem of childbirth and have healthy babies. Pregnant women should not make things that make them regret for small money.

What do you think of the behavior of unwillingness to check?Welcome to share your point of view below.

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