How did you find that you are pregnant?After reading a few mothers, the experience is so interesting

Recently, I talked to a few Baoma, how did you find that you were pregnant?A mother said: "I dream of the sheep in the house and talk about it. Only I can hear it, and then there is a voice reminding me to get pregnant.

It sounds amazing, but vivi mother thinks it may be dreamed of every day ~

In fact, it is more reliable that your body has a "signal" of pregnancy, but you have not noticed it yourself. Today, I will give you the things about early pregnancy.

01 How did you find that you are pregnant

1. "During the menstrual period"

@: I often do n’t come to my aunt for a year or two. The hospital checked the ovaries and was almost impossible to conceive naturally, so we have never taken measures. There are many test strips at home.After watching it, I found that it became two bars after a while. I immediately called my husband. I went to the hospital the next day. I finally saw the result of positive urine pregnancy and more than 100 HCG. I cried with my husband.

Vivi Mom said:

Benal menopause should be one of the most obvious features of pregnancy. Because the fertilized eggs are bed in the endometrium in the uterine after pregnancy, there will be no endometrium falling off, and there will be no menstrual tide.

Therefore, sisters who have been very regular during menstruation, if their aunt suddenly postpone, she would doubt whether she was pregnant.

Some irregular menstrual period or some diseases (such as endocrine disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.), although the probability of natural pregnancy will become smaller, it does not mean that it will not be pregnant.~

2. "Taste changes"

@小: Ghost knows why I especially like to eat oranges during that time. I can eat a dozen a day. My mother -in -law quietly asked me if I was pregnant. I quickly tested it, two bars!I am pregnant!

Vivi Mom said:

Some mothers find that they are pregnant because of their own taste, which is related to changes in body hormone during pregnancy.

After the expectant mothers are pregnant, the level of pregnancy hormone in the body rises, the secretion of gastric acid is reduced, and the gastric emptying time is prolonged. This will cause some response of the gastrointestinal and intestines, including poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

3. "chest swelling, backache"

@花: I did n’t come for a week after the holiday, and the chest pain was great. I was very depressed that my menstruation was irregular and went to work with my colleagues. Later, my husband said that he would be pregnant.After testing, the show was not pregnant. I also joked that he wanted the baby to be crazy. When I went to see the hospital to see the irregular menstruation, the doctor asked the blood to test the pregnancy. After I came out, I was stunned. My husband was happy.Stupid.

Vivi Mom said:

During pregnancy, velvetic gonad hormones can increase the secretion of estrogen and progesterone. They have some "changes" of the breasts, including the darker of the areola, increasing breasts, and significant breasts.

Therefore, sometimes chest pain is not necessarily the upcoming visit, and it may be a manifestation of early pregnancy.

4. "Skin, hair changes"

@I love: After adolescence, I suddenly started to have acne?I thought I was so fierce that I had stayed up late recently. I still told her husband to be old, but I didn’t dare to stay up late. He joked that he would be pregnant.Two bars, ah!IntersectionThe two of us are only half a year!

Vivi Mom said:

The changes in hormones during pregnancy will also cause women to increase their hair on their bodies and worsen skin. For example, the increase in acne. Among themThe pigment (such as nipples, underarms, white lines, etc.) is pigmented.

5. "The frequent urination"

@: During that time, I felt that my aunt was postponed for a few days. I didn’t pay too much attention, because I was often postponed, but I often ran to the toilet and obviously did not drink much water.I have a pregnancy test stick, I don’t think so, my husband and I seem to have no measures once or twice. The result is really recruiting. Now the baby is 1 year old ~

Vivi Mom said:

With the increase of the uterus in the early pregnancy, the bladder is oppressed, which will cause frequent urination in the first three months of pregnancy. However, as the uterus in the middle of pregnancy continues to increase, the frequency of urine will also be relieved.

PS: If frequent urination symptoms occur and do not get pregnant, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

In addition, there are emotional changes, fatigue and other conditions such as pregnant mothers. Although these symptoms may occur in the early pregnancy, it is not absolute. If you find these symptoms during pregnancy, you can test whether you are pregnant if you are pregnant.Essence

Confirm whether pregnancy usually uses two ways:

Early pregnancy test strip detection is generally detected in urine after 35 days of menopause. HCG blood testing

Blood testing is generally detected for 15 days to detect blood HCG, you can know if you are pregnant.

After testing the pregnancy test, remember to go to the hospital to confirm whether it is normal to conceive. If the pregnancy week is smaller, you can check it in about a week to eliminate whether abnormalities (ectopic pregnancy, biochemical pregnancy, etc.).

02 What are the issues to pay attention to in the early pregnancy

In the case of confirming normal conception, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the following points:

1. Balanced nutrition

Balanced nutritional intake is also necessary. It is easy to have pregnancy in early pregnancy. Pay attention to light and not greasy.

Eat more foods rich in folic acid, all kinds of green vegetables, such as cabbage, germ, peas, green beans (vegetable beans), eagle -mouth beans and spinach, as well as animal liver and kidney, beans, fruits, dairy products, etc.Essence

Do not contact the tobacco and alcohol, not only does it mean that you do not smoke or drink, but passive smoking will also cause harm to the fetus.

2. Past sleep

In the early pregnancy, you should arrange a good job of schedule, maintain adequate sleep, and not stay up late, otherwise it will affect the development of the fetus.

3. Appropriate exercise

Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive physical labor during pregnancy, but appropriate exercise can help prevent constipation during pregnancy. It is also helpful to alleviate pregnancy. You can choose a moderate exercise method, such as walking and walking more after meals.

4. Happy mood

The emotions of pregnant mothers also affect the development of the fetus. It is good for the body and the fetus.

5. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Pay attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy, and change the underwear frequently to prevent genitals from infection.

6. Building a file for production

After confirming that normal pregnancy, you need to establish a health care card for production. The conventional production inspection has a total of 12 to 14 times. The first inspection is performed within 6 to 8 weeks of menopause.

I only realized that there is really a different sensation with the children, so there are symptoms and early tests. Don’t give yourself too much pressure to keep you with a happy mood, scientifically prepare for pregnancy, and your baby will naturally come.I wish everyone a good pregnancy ~

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