How did you find that you are pregnant?I have to say that the experience of these Baoma is really fantasy

Pregnant and childbirth can be said to be a dream of many couples who want to have children. In many film and television dramas, the protagonist finds that he is pregnant and usually has symptoms of pregnancy.How do you find yourself "pregnancy"?Let’s take a look together.

1. Dream

@小 Listening to the rain: When I was pregnant about a week, my husband dreamed that I was pregnant. However, when I took a nap the next day, there was a cute little girl in the dream that I called my mother.Then I went to check. It may be that the pregnancy time was too short. It was not checked for the first time, but when there were symptoms of pregnancy in the back, it would be checked.

2. Cycling

@Angel’s wings: I may be more strange. I have been pregnant for half a year and did not conceive, and then gave up and followed.Later, I was fascinated by cycling, and I said to the house that we would not ride to Panshan in both bicycles!My husband agreed!Then I asked for the annual leave. I rode from the place where I lived to about sixty kilometers from my house. I vomited while riding and started to think it was tired. Later, I won’t think of it!After returning home, my mother started to vomit as soon as I cook, and when I went to the hospital for examination, I found that I was pregnant.

3. Park bent

@’S beauty diary: When I did n’t know the last time I was pregnant, I was uncomfortable, so I gave it to the stomach.I scared me, I thought I wanted to bite me, but as a result, I looked around, and I was very happy, but I just met for the first time.How can I not be able to pull the dog rope anymore? Now I think it may be aware of it.

4. The sixth sense of daughter

@The mother of the two children: You can still have my fantasy, I am pregnant with my daughter told me.One day and my 4 -year -old daughter watched TV in the living room, my daughter suddenly climbed to my leg, ordered my belly, and said, "Mom, will I have a little brother?"I didn’t cry and said, "There is it." As a result, my aunt didn’t come for a week. I went to the hospital for examination and found that I was really pregnant.

5. Others inform others

@Ziwei Erkang 1314: I am going to work late. I am going to rush to a taxi. The driver is a big sister in Northeast China. It didn’t take long before getting on the car, and suddenly said to me, "Big girl, I look at your face, how do you feel that you are pregnant?? It’s not good to take a car when I am pregnant. "I started to be a joke. As a result, I found that my stomach was a bit falling.Pulling my boyfriend to do a marriage certificate and wedding.

6. Can’t eat meals

@小 @and Wuwei: It is only more than a month to marry my husband. My husband made a large table I like to eat. I said that I usually do housework too tired. I have to do it well.When the dishes are sent to the entrance, there is a feeling of hard to swallow. My husband said that I would not get sick, so I quickly went to the hospital for examination and found that I was pregnant.

After reading so many Baoma’s experience of pregnancy, do you feel fantasy?How did you find pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.If you want to learn more about pregnancy, you can pay attention to the [Old Personal Bird’s Nest Pregnancy Mother Lecture Hall].

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