How did you find that you are pregnant?Prepare pregnancy, eventually a dream journey

I found at the moment I was in bed in the bed, and this was really a particularly amazing experience.

Over the years, I have not been able to succeed in preparing for pregnancy, and I have almost fallen into a state of depression.I tried various Chinese medicines and western medicines and conducted tubal examinations, but no major problems were found.

I ended up with failure, and I almost gave up hope.My husband encouraged me to say, if not, we can give you to decide.

Then, in the summer, we went to Guilin to visit the mountains.On the way in Yangshuo, because he drove the air conditioner too low, I caught a cold, so I took a cold medicine.After the trip, I went to Shaoxing for a business trip and drank some wine.

One afternoon when I was on a business trip, when I was about to raise my hand to hold a book, I suddenly felt a strange feeling.I feel that the interior of the uterus is "durted", just like there is a current through, there is something to land there …

That feeling was never experienced in my life, and never had (not pregnant again).It is neither pain nor itch, neither sore nor described accurately.It’s like the current passes through the body, like a breeze, and like a blisters on the lake. You just want to capture it, but disappear in an instant.

Everything seems to have never happened.The setting sun still came in quietly through the window sill, and the books on the bookshelves were neatly arranged. This moment was no different from the previous moment.

However, you clearly know that the world has changed.The warmest place in your body stopped "slamming".Since then, she (later became our female treasure) controlled your sadness and joy, controlling your rhythm of life, making your life more colorful, and adding more concerns and responsibilities.

It is really intentional to plant flowers, and inadvertently insert the willow and willow.

I used to eat folic acid and did my homework but failed to get pregnant. This time I took a cold medicine and drank it …?

The next plot developed step by step. My aunt no longer arrived on time. I checked it with a pregnancy test stick. My husband was ecstatic, and one by one called to inform relatives and friends.

However, I still have greater surprises during my pregnancy (can also be said to be frightened) waiting for us … In March to keep tires, use progesterone, continue to go to work, see the red in June, send the hospital for emergency, too little amniotic fluid, the placenta, the placenta, the placenta, the placenta, the placenta,In front, hanging salt water and continuous dripping all day. In order to protect the fetus, I desperately drink water and rest in bed …

After taking medicine and lying down, my slim and dancing posture became a bit different.My mother came to take care of my confinement in advance, and it was startled as soon as I met: "You, how do you become such a tiger?" After nine months, the doctor told me that I could produce it myself, but I was uneasy.

However, in the end, we ushered in smooth delivery.When I saw that little life appeared in the world, my heart was full of joy and movement.At that moment, I deeply realized the happiness and responsibility of being a mother.

The hardships of the whole pregnancy made me understand the impermanence and preciousness of life.Sometimes, hard work does not guarantee results, but persistence and hope are very important.After experiencing all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, I cherish everything I have now.

The birth of children not only brings us joy, but also brings more challenges and responsibilities.My husband and I decided to shoulder the heavy responsibility of educating children together, and strive to create a warm, healthy and happy growth environment.

Although the road to preparing for pregnancy is difficult, it makes me understand the power of persistence and hope.Whether it is fertility or other aspects, we must believe in our ability and firmly pursue our dreams.

Now, my heart is full of expectations and love for the future.The birth of children not only brings us a new life, but also allows us to re -examine the meaning and value of life.The suffering of pregnancy has become a process of finally realizing our dreams, and we will cherish every moment, and take care of this little life with love and care.

The journey of life is full of uncertainty and challenges, but as long as we persist, we can overcome difficulties and realize our dreams.Although the road to prepare for pregnancy is arduous, it is also a journey full of hope and miracles, let us learn to cherish and gratitude.May everyone who longs for life can successfully realize their dreams and have a happy and happy family.

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