How did you find that you are pregnant?The experience of netizens is more exciting than a TV series

Most expectant mothers will have some early pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy, such as the aunt who suddenly did not come, always disgusting and sleepy, and suddenly they could eat.

These reactions remind expectant mothers: You are pregnant!

However, it is not easy to encounter a mothers who encounter irregular menstruation or obvious pregnancy response, and it is really not easy to find that she is pregnant.

Even the more careless expectant mother found that she was pregnant because of all kinds of "strange" things.


One day I want to eat chicken claws!To what extent do I want to eat?Can’t control the swallow …

That kind of nagging!I grabbed my ears and scratched my cheeks. I felt very wronged …

Inexplicably crying for me?Intersection‘(*>*<*) ′

Later, my husband brought back a pound of chicken feet. I took the plastic bag and torn it out. I ate 7 in one breath!

For a long time, he slowly said: Why are you so abnormal today?Aren’t you losing weight?Are you pregnant?

The two of us were stupid for a long time, and then went downstairs to buy test strips.

Sure enough, I am pregnant …


I found that pregnancy is not me, it is the baby’s father (*/ω\*)

At the time before last year, I had a special temper.

The child’s father didn’t look at anything, and he wanted to quarrel with him if he had anything to do.

I don’t know why, but it’s particularly angry!

After a fire, his father grabbed my wrist seriously, saying that he would give me the pulse, and then said to me seriously: You are the joy!It should be two weeks.EssenceEssence

I felt his dad was nonsense at the time.

Within a few days, the company organized a physical examination, and the result of blood drawing was shocked.

Unexpectedly, his father was raging, but he said it was still!

Afterwards, the child’s father also touched me with my popular science.EssenceEssence

In other words, he understands the pulse of a procedure ape!


Once I went downstairs, I accidentally stepped on the staircase and fell down.

When I got up, I found that I had been protecting my belly with my hands.

I was still thinking, how can I get it if I have a baby in my belly?

But … why should I protect my stomach?Why do you have this idea?

At night, I told her husband to her husband. Later, under the strong suggestion (persecution) of her husband, I used the pregnancy test stick to measure.

Well, I’m pregnant!

@暗 :::

Two days before pregnancy, I stole a picture on Weibo, a Ultraman B ultrasound.

I used this picture to trick my husband, saying that I was pregnant, and then posted this picture for him.

After a few days after cheating, I found that I wanted to eat sour.

When I went home in the evening, I told my husband. He smiled and let me roll, saying that I would lie to him again.Then I forced me to take out the trial tension and test it for him.

As a result, the obvious two bar …


My friend suspected that she was pregnant. I bought one get one free in the pregnancy inspection stick and threw it to me at hand. Let me go home to go and play.

As a result, she was not pregnant, I was pregnant …


On the third day of February, the headache was cracked, and her husband asked me to get me medicine. He said that he would be pregnant?Go to test it!

After the test paper, there was only one bar on the test paper. I didn’t get pregnant. I urged my husband to take medicine.

I did not give up again.Hey!One bars are two.

Later, I went to the hospital for examination, and the dragon and phoenix were pregnant.This year is already in high school!


I only know three months of pregnancy.

I made a trouble with my husband. He pushed me. I didn’t stand on the ground and saw it red.

I didn’t know that I was pregnant, and joked with him and said that you pushed my aunt.

If you think about it, you feel wrong, and hurry to take a taxi to the hospital.

The doctor said that I have been pregnant for three months.

Later, I stayed in the hospital for three days before returning home.

@ @乐

I was drinking the night before. When I got up to the toilet the next day, I saw that there was a useless pregnancy test stick next to it.

Suddenly curious, what would happen to the survey of alcoholic urine?

Then I grew like this … two bars!

Now the child is 6 years old.


As a breastfeeding instructor, there is no habit of practicing your own hands.

One day, I touched my chest and suddenly found that my feel was wrong. I remembered that my aunt had been postponed for almost a week (I didn’t go in my heart), and I was frightened!

Find the pregnancy test stick of N Jiuqiantun, then … uh … that’s it …

So sisters, don’t doubt that they have no milk. From the beginning of pregnancy, they have been preparing for their chests!

After watching the experience of these netizens, I just want to say, how much heart?Dare to perform such a TV series!

Fortunately, everyone turned in danger.Everyone will be a mother in the future, but don’t be so thick!

Pregnancy test strips: The inspection of the pregnancy test or pregnancy test paper is relatively accurate, but the sensitivity of the pregnancy test sticks of different brands can be different, so the results may be slightly deviated.

B -ultrasound: diagnosis of early pregnancy with B -ultrasound is the most correct and reliable method, and expectant mothers must do it.

HCG blood test: After pregnancy, the HCG of the mother’s blood will rise. This test can detect the blood HCG content in the blood.

Moms who read the article, do you remember how he found that he was pregnant?

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