How did you tell your husband when you are pregnant?The experience of these Baoma is so interesting!

After pregnancy, you can’t wait to share this good news with your family?I believe that many Baoma is so excited that the pregnancy test stick with two bars is cheered at her husband, and some Baoma chose a more subtle way to inform.How do you notify your family? Do you remember their reactions?

Extremely implicit type:

Lele Mom: I prepared some baby supplies, arranged on the wall like small clothes, and wrote in the middle of the card. "You want to be a father!" After my husband went home to see it, he was stunned., Holding me happy.

Dan Dan: I posted a circle of friends, "1+1 = 3", the picture is the wedding photos of our two, and I was specifically@, and soon I received a call from relatives and friends to blessings, haha.

Ziyan: I put the hospital’s inspection list in the book and handed it to my husband. He didn’t respond yet. After seeing it several times, he looked up at me with a incredible look.

Straight type:

Post -90s Mom: I have imagined the romantic scene when I told her husband countless times after pregnancy. As a result, I really couldn’t hold it up at all.

Xiao Liu: For more than a year for pregnancy, there was no fruitful, but they planned to give up. As a result, two bars were measured. He was so excited to show his husband. He couldn’t believe it. He immediately took me to the hospital for examination.Like dreams, it is not real at all.

Dreaming type:

Ding Ding Mom: Dreaming that she was pregnant, my in -laws were happy and gave me 300,000 as a reward.After waking up, I immediately measured the pregnancy test stick. I didn’t expect it to be two bars. I quickly called my in -laws. Of course, I did not give me 300,000 and disappointed.EssenceEssenceEssence

Xiao Meng: When I get pregnant, I must first make my husband do housework. When he can’t bear it, he will tell him that I am pregnant, and then continue to instruct him to do housework, think about it!

What kind of you are?

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