How do pregnant women supplement folic acid, do they take medicine and folic acid tablets after pregnancy?

Folic acid, this basic nutrients is a type of vitamin B, also known as vitamin B9, which is especially important for preparing for pregnant mothers and expectant mothers.99 Pregnant Symptoms Special Reminder: Folic acid is insufficient, the fetal development is prone to internal development, premature birth and birth low weight, and the growth and development and intellectual development of such a fetus will be affected; premature premature peeling of placenta in pregnant women, high pregnancy high during pregnancy, high during pregnancy, high pregnancy period, high pregnancy period high, high pregnancy period high, high pregnancy period high, high pregnancy period high, high pregnancy period high, high pregnancy period is high, high pregnancy period is high, high pregnancy is high, and high pregnancy is high during pregnancy.Blood pressure syndrome, giant red blood cell anemia; therefore, pregnant women’s timely supply and fully supply folic acid played an important role in themselves and fetuses.

Folic acid is a vitamin that can be dissolved in water.Vitamin B in folic acid has a ripening effect on the younger cells in the bone marrow in the human body. If the human body lacks folic acid for a long time, it is not good for the production of red and white cells, which can easily lead to diseases such as anemia and white blood cells.Folic acid is particularly important for pregnant women.Folic acid participates in the synthesis process of human DNA and RAA, participates in the metabolism of amino acids, participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, and plays a role in transmitting in the human biochemical reaction.

Folic acid, which was extracted from the leaves of green spinach in the last century, so it was called folic acid. The professional name was vitamin M or vitamin B9.This organic nutritional molecule is widely distributed, small bacteria or large biological life systems may contain folic acid.

If you cannot accurately judge your situation, you must consult your doctor’s opinion.Women of childbearing age should start taking folic acid from 3 months before conception, and insist on taking recommended dosage folic acid every day in the first three months of pregnancy.The content of folic acid in the folic acid tablets you take should be 400 micrograms.

Folic acid can be ingested in two ways, folic acid supplements and natural folic acid from some foods rich in folic acid; the effect of food supplements is not as obvious as good medicine, so it is generally recommended to take folic acid supplements better.If you are not sure when you are pregnant, you can start from the time of pregnancy. Keeping the habit of taking a variety of vitamins or folic acid supplements every day is also very beneficial to your health.You know, if you get pregnant unexpectedly, this habit will appear more important.

A animal meat

Duck liver, chicken liver, chicken, egg yolk, pork liver, beef, mutton, etc.

Gaisa beans

Wheat tender buds, soybeans, almonds, custard wheat flour, rice bran, whole wheat bread, etc.

c fresh fruit

Cherry, orange, citrus, apple, plum, strawberry, lemon, apricot, green jujube, hawthorn, etc.

D green vegetables

Carrots, mushrooms, spinach, small vegetables, solemn vegetables, lentils, lettuce, gourd, lettuce, spinach, etc.

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