How do women know that they are ovulation?

Girls who are completely normal in their bodies, in the life of harmonious young couples, the annual pregnancy rate is only 20%to 30%.Pregnancy is related to too many factors: the intensive convergence of eggs and sperm, excellent luteal function, no fallopian tube, comfortable endometrium, comfortable physical and mental physical and mental, and the quality of the tadpoles … During the pregnancy, at least work hard to prevent the excreted eggs waste waste.It is what girls should try.

Self -testing of ovulation first -test temperature

Basic body temperature determination is the simplest and unintentional method, that is, you are persistent.From the day I came from my aunt, I opened my eyes every morning to test the body temperature -don’t move, don’t go to the toilet, don’t drink water, it is the basic body temperature !!! I don’t say it three times, but I want to add an exclamation mark.Find a coordinate paper or download what APP is recorded to record the value, insist on testing a cycle, and finally get a body temperature curve.

Under normal circumstances, the body temperature will increase significantly by 0.3-0.5 degrees after ovulation, and it lasts 10-14 days at this height, and then descends, called bilateral temperature, like this: "__ ∕  ̄ ̄ \ _"The friendship is here, everyone can endure the essence of its essence).If this picture is measured, it means that the ovulation is normal, remember that the body temperature rising is the first few days of the cycle (the day of the coming menstruation is the first day of the cycle, the clever you postponed for several days), this monthBefore and after day, we should work and make a villain.

You can also find some problems by testing the temperature.There are girls with an ovulation but an aunt, counting your high temperature days: if it is too long, it means that the luteal atrophy is incomplete (that is, no pregnancy, but this guy is still unwilling to shrink), causing the endometrium to fall offIt is clean and not a few days a month; if the high temperature days are too short, it means that the luteal function is insufficient, which will cause shortening the menstrual cycle, and the menstrual volume may increase slightly; if it is bleeding during ovulation, it may be related to the fluctuation of hormones.As for girls without ovulation, only small fluctuations will not appear up and down, called single -phase body temperature, just like this: "﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏".If the above abnormal situations always appear, you need to see a doctor, otherwise it will delay the creation of the people’s congress.

Self -testing ovulation second -ovation test strip

The ovulation test strip is used to detect the content of LH during urine.Remember what LH is? Just appeared, that is, the peak that can make the luteum that can be lined with eggs.

Generally, the test is generally measured from the 10th day of the cycle, and it is properly used in the instructions of the test strip for several days.(Note: Be sure to buy test strips through regular channels, fake and inferior pits to harm the next generation!) When the test strip appears strong yang, it means that the value of LH is almost higher than 40 IU/L.! This day, you can put them in and wait for the corridor outside the temple (fallopian tube) and wait for 36 hours to not be a problem.

Just take this rumor.Some people say that the ovulation test strip can test pregnancy, and it is more accurate earlier than early pregnancy -don’t believe it.The ovulation test paper is tested in the urine LH, and the early pregnancy test is HCG. Both of these two hormones have two hands (α sub -submall and β subdam), and the left hand grows exactly the same (α subunit).It is not surprising that there is a reaction in the urine of pregnant women.However, because the right hand is very different (β Asian) and the most important part of HCG, the detection is mainly to see this, so it is not reliable to test pregnancy with ovulation test strips.

Ultimate big move -hospital monitoring

If there is a problem with ovulation after self -test, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time.Of course, if you are pursuing accurate accuracy, you can go directly.

One of the big moves is a blood drawing.Let’s take a rumor again, where do the girls check the six items of examination of sex hormones within 5 days? Even the aunt has been absent for a few months. In order to check the blood, they have to summon my aunt. How to explain is useless.The correct way to open it is: Sex hormones will be different every day every day, so doctors will check hormone levels as needed at different times.Blood drawing within 5 days is mostly preparing to do test tube babies to understand ovarian reserves.In the first half of the cycle, you can detect whether the follicles are thrive and the growth trajectory is normal. Whether it is to be discharged. If it grows slower, you can also give timely intervention.The cycle from 21 to 23 days is to determine whether there is ovulation and the function of the luteum.The blood drawing of follicles is generally combined with B -ultrasound.

The second move is the B -ultrasound, which is the most intuitive.Starting from the 8th to 10th of the cycle and monitor the next day.You can clearly see the number of follicles and the size of each one under the B ultrasound; each monitoring compares with the last time, which one has grown up and which one is dead;Until 18mm or more, if one day disappears, it will be discharged.During this period, if the follicles develop slowly, or if you see it difficult, you can take a needle in time to help.In addition, how can you monitor the bedding (endometrium) at any time under B -ultrasound.Under such careful guidance, the success rate will increase a lot.

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