How do you find that you are pregnant?Netizen: I found that the stomach is a bit faint

How did you find yourself pregnant? Netizens: I found that the stomach is a bit faint

In the first month after getting married, I felt that I came to the aunt, and I went to Beijing to board the Great Wall with my husband. I still didn’t see it after I came back. I didn’t try to buy a test paper. After another month, I started.I vomited, I just thought that my mother was bad. My mother was a gynecologist. My mother’s friend was from the B -ultrasound. I felt that I was not right. I had to pull me a B -ultrasound. My mother was sure that it was okay.The month, the B -ultrasound showed for more than 40 days, and was surprised ?? He did not believe it

There is a younger brother in the aunt’s belly, haha.Ten days ago, she successfully gave birth to six and a half pounds

Haha, I am the most outrageous, because I have n’t been pregnant for eight years of marriage, and I have taken many Chinese medicines and tried many methods.As a result, I was pregnant with unexpectedly after giving up. I didn’t know yet. At that time, I ran five kilometers in the morning and practiced for two hours in the gym at night!Still dumped on the weight loss machine!Later, I told my husband to get some Chinese medicine because I did n’t come to the holiday. Later, I turned over the last old and dirty pregnancy test stick of the drawer. I tried to get pregnant. As a result, my husband and I didn’t believe it.Washing and sleeping, I went to the hospital for examination only after two days before I realized that I was pregnant!The whole family was scared to death, and when I was ancestor!Now the little father is one and a half years old, so happy!Give our treasures in God!

I thought it was cancer.Every day’s stomach hurts.Chest pain.Until one day I wanted to eat sour pepper and mango, I bought two big ones. When I saw the door, the boss asked me not sour. Is it?I suddenly thought that cancer should not be able to eat it.Buy one test paper and buy one (buy a lot in the past, not to test).The result is good.The child’s father had never put pressure on, and thought he didn’t like the child.With me happier than me.

Mine is in the meditation, it is amazing.I wanted to get pregnant for two years but never became pregnant. I did n’t dream for a long time. One day I dreamed that I was pregnant. I was very happy in my dream. I woke up a bit lost.The next day I told my husband’s dream.Two weeks later, I did n’t fall asleep one day. Somehow suddenly meant that I had a holiday over time. When I woke up and tested it, the two bars of the pink, and my husband who woke up said that I was pregnant, and he did n’t believe it., Continue to sleep.Baby is now more than three months old.

Every time my husband sleeps, I will ask me why your stomach is so big. I still say that I might be gaining weight. How can I grow up with my belly? Later, I quarreled with Lao Tzu and prepared to break up.I bought another test or two and then went to the hospital to scare that I did n’t know if I jumped up for more than three months. I did n’t break up with my husband. Now that my son is almost two years old, he is smart.

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