How do you know if you have ovulation?

Monitoring ovulation is an important examination of infertility women and pregnant women.We can calculate through simple menstrual time, but women who are limited to menstrual rules are limited to women, and we cannot clarify whether there is ovulation.You can also monitor ovulation by monitoring the basal body temperature or ovulation test strip, but if the follicles continue to grow, the follicles are mature but not discharged. We call it without a broken follicle syndrome. In this caseExcess and unable to get pregnant.For patients who have a high -cystic ovary syndrome who are already high in LH, the test strips may always be positive.

So how do we know whether there is ovulation?

Clinically, we can determine whether ovulation is determined by monitoring the growth and development of follicles by vaginal ultrasound.For women with a regular menstrual cycle, the first ultrasound can be done on the 8-12 days of the menstrual cycle to monitor the size of the follicles in the bilateral ovaries and the thickness of the endometrium.Doctors will decide the date when the follicles need to be retracted next time.When the largest follicle grows to about 16mm, then we may be shortened by the interval between the hospital. At this time, the doctor will combine your ovulation and test strip results. If positive, it will be ovulation in the near future.The possibility is small.When the follicles mature and the urine LH is strong positive, the doctor will tell you 2 times in the same room or once every other every other day.After the same room, you need to do a vaginal ultrasound to confirm that the mature follicles monitored before have been discharged to ensure the effectiveness of the same room.Only at this time can we be sure that the follicles are determined to be discharged.The entire ovulation monitoring process may require an ultrasonic monitoring of about 4-5 times. We see that follicles grow from small to large, and finally mature follicles are discharged and turned into luteum.IntersectionThe most important thing is that it must be monitored by vaginal ultrasound instead of passing the abdominal ultrasound.

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