How do you know when you are pregnant?

1: When Huai Dabao, I never thought about pregnancy. At that time, I was dizzy and abdominal pain several times, and I thought I had a disease!Later, after listening to an experienced aunt, he found that he was pregnant.At that time, my husband was not that my husband learned that I was pregnant. I didn’t want to get married at all, I didn’t want to get married!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionLater, everyone touched her head, threw her head, and got married.Ha ha!Now Erbao is coming out!

2: After receiving the certificate, try to try it, and then succeed. I do n’t know if I get a wedding day. I drank alcohol, spit it at night, and had a fever. The doctor asked if he was pregnant or something, and told someone.As a result, the next day was still uncomfortable. As soon as I tested, I had, half an hour later, the seven aunts and eight aunts were notified by my husband.Now that my child is seven months old, my husband is here at night. Fortunately, the child is breastfeeding, otherwise my mother will become unwilling.

3: I plan to get pregnant, so I have always changed my body.I always feel hungry, and I ca n’t eat it when I cook it.The body temperature is high, and the uterine pain.At that time, I said to my husband that might be pregnant.As a result, he scared me a few hours after speaking.I said, "If I really get pregnant, I will kill you." Hahaha, and then I found that there is really, the whole pregnancy and confinement obey me.I’m afraid I can pack him.

4: Dragon Boat Festival during pregnancy!The sky is not very hot, but I feel that I can’t get angry in those days, dizzy and nausea, thinking that I have heat stroke, my mother -in -law also feels that I have a heat stroke. Everyone advises me to take medicine.In the moment, a woman’s sixth sense felt that she might not drink when she was pregnant, and then tried two bars after the test paper … I went to the hospital the next day to determine.At that time, I felt that I was not ready to be a mother. I wanted to kill it. My mother -in -law and husband saved my baby daughter’s life, and I was very grateful to my mother -in -law.

5: My aunt gave birth to my cousin cousin and ligated it, and then I became pregnant again when my cousin was 2 years old. I vomited for several months and thought that I had hepatitis for several months. I took Chinese medicine and western medicine for several months.When the belly slowly became old, she was surprised that she might be pregnant. Others asked her to kill that the child might be a fool. She was reluctant to give birth to another boy. Now, my cousin is more than 30.It’s also married and have children.

6: I don’t feel much for the first time, because I have infertility, I have to take medicine to come to menstruation, and then I went to the man’s house for the first time that month. When her mother saw it, she scolded my husband.The medicine I was taken was contraceptive pill. Later, in order to prevent my husband from scolding that month, I didn’t take it that month. Later, I never came. In the third month, I went to the hospital for examination to know that I was pregnant. I didn’t expect.There will be no children, and the second pregnancy does not feel much. It is particularly afraid of cold. It happened to be snowing in those days.

7: When I was in the second child, I felt that I was pregnant, but the test strips always showed shallow and deep, dare not be sure.Later, more than forty days were two deep bars, but I still caught a cold. I didn’t dare to take medicine. I had been uncomfortable during pregnancy. I couldn’t eat meals.I was unwilling, and I made amniotic fluid puncture again, diagnosed with Don, and was completely dead. At that time, it was almost five months old.Only the moon is now.Think about the estimation fate.

8: It will be postponed during menstruation. I was working on my husband that day. I also joked that if I was pregnant, I should be exhausted. After two days, the small belly hurts. I bought a test paper and tried it.Two bars, I thought it was false. After more than ten days, I went to the hospital to check it before it was determined that I was pregnant. It was really scared. In case it was dropped, but now I am more than five months pregnant, and there are high blood sugar.Being insulin is also a suffering!

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