How does my husband carry half of the sky during pregnancy, Volvo’s "Super Daddy" has a wonderful trick

Today is the World Reading Day. How long have you not been studying?With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s ways to obtain information and learn knowledge are also very rich. From the simple reading and newspapers in the past, it has become a Weibo, short videos, and a public account … But for me, for me,Paper books still have an irreplaceable charm, because it can not only bring people’s tranquility of "deep reading", but also can smell the aroma of the ink in the book pages and record the mood feelings at the time with a pen.

As a Nordic luxury brand with a long history of 95 years, Volvo also released its new book "From Gothenburgh to Bund" today. Through real emotions and delicate strokes, all Volvians’ stories are presented to readers -The story of Volvo’s male and female employees shared super long maternity leave impressed me.

We all know that improving the population fertility rate has become today’s global problems.At the National Two Conferences of the country this year, many representatives and members invariably proposed to encourage fertility through "men’s and women’s maternity leave".

Although "men’s and women’s maternity leave" has not yet been popularized in China in China, Volvo has already taken a step forward: the company can enjoy 6 months of "long maternity leave" before the age of 3, regardless of men and women or positions.The salary of not less than 80%will be paid.After this policy was implemented in April last year, it was well received by employees, so that many people have "put on the schedule" of the second and third babies. Mr. Dai Jian, an engineer who has just been promoted to the grandmother, has a special say.

Like many families, Dai Jian and his wife have always been "clear division of labor" in housework.EssenceDai Jian said: "I know how hard and difficult to have a child for my wife." Thanks to the company’s long maternity leave, Dai Jian can participate in family life more deeply- "Share more housework for his wife, Make her postpartum recovery more smoothly. "

For children, this long holiday is also a valuable guardian and companionship, which is of great benefit to the cultivation of the close relationship between the child and the parents.When I was young, I was alienated by the relationship between Dajian Jian and his father. "When my father went to work, I felt freedom."When he became a father, Dai Jian hoped to deal with the relationship between father and son, and he could imagine the same feeling of brothers and friends."Children can discuss the real thoughts in the bottom of their hearts, especially when life encounters some difficulties."

The 6 -month maternity leave is full of benefits for employees, but it is a high cost for the company.Dai Jian said that the company will pay more than 80%of my salary. This policy really reflects Volvo’s social responsibility.

In fact, from 95 years since the establishment of the brand, Volvo has always regarded "people -oriented" as an important brand concept and puts people’s value on the pursuit of business profits of enterprises.Regarding the continuous provision of intimate care services for employees.

In my opinion, the biggest significance of Volvo’s "long maternity leave" is that all employees can pursue career progress in equal, and at the same time enjoy the happiness of good families.The vivid landing.It is hoped that from Volvo, more companies can cherish every life and protect every family. While constantly inspiring employees to grow, they bring them warmer human care.

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