How hard is a woman’s pregnancy?In order to cooperate with the baby’s growth, the uterus needs to be expanded by 1000 times

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Having a child is a very happy thing for the family.Although life is a very beautiful process, women’s bodies will experience huge changes in this process.

How hard is a woman’s pregnancy?Women’s uterus before pregnancy is only the size of eggs, but during pregnancy, in order to cooperate with the baby’s growth, mothers’ uterus needs to be increased by 1000 times.

In the first month of pregnancy, the volume of fertilized eggs was very small. At this time, mothers seemed to be similar to when they were not pregnant.

By the 8th week of pregnancy, the uterus will gradually increase, which will begin to oppress the bladder and rectum behind the mothers.At this time, expectant mothers will have frequent urination.

By the time of 12 weeks of pregnancy, the original space in the uterus no longer satisfies the baby’s growth and development.In order to cooperate with the baby’s growth, the mother’s uterus will continue to expand. At this time, the size of the uterus looks similar to grapefruit.

By 16 weeks, mothers’ uterus will open a madly expansion model.At this time, you can see the little belly of the mothers.

In the late pregnancy, the continuous expansion of the uterus will be severely squeezed into the internal organs and other parts of the mothers, and at the same time, the mothers have symptoms such as dysfunction and frequent urination.

At this time, the mother’s waist is very sore, and the uterus will also occupy the majority of the stomach.And when the baby is about to be born, the mother’s uterus will begin to have a strong contraction.

After reading this process, many people will feel that the difficulty of women’s pregnancy cannot be imagined by ordinary people.Every mother is worthy of respect.

1. Insomnia

Moms will have some anxiety in their emotions in their pregnancy, and the belly will become bigger and bigger, and the child will move from time to time.

There will be some insomnia at night.If it is in summer, then mothers will be more difficult to fall asleep.

2. Emotional

Mothers will change huge hormone secretions in the body before and after pregnancy. At this time, they will easily have emotional moody.

Many times, it is normal to even get angry at the family because of a small matter.At this time, the family should be with the pregnant mother to help them divert their emotions.

3. It’s troublesome to go out

Moms are very troublesome to go away during pregnancy.In addition to too many crowds and places with poor environment, mothers need to pay attention to various aspects when they go out of the door.

When your family takes a pregnant mother, you should try to go to some places with better air quality and fewer people, so as to reduce the burden on mothers.

4. Trouble to go to the toilet

The general general of the pregnant belly will be squeezed to the bladder of the mothers.At this time, it is a very troublesome thing for pregnant mothers to go to the toilet. When going to the toilet, they need to have the help of family members.

In addition, walking will become very difficult and laborious.Therefore, family members should give their mothers care and love as much as possible.

1. Pregnancy can reduce the occurrence of female diseases

Some experts said that women can effectively reduce the risk of female diseases after pregnancy, such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc.

2. Relieve the pain faced by menstruation

Women are in a state of menopause during pregnancy. At this time, mothers can get rid of the pain faced by menstruation.When you recover menstruation after giving birth, mothers will also find that the pain of her menstrual period slows down.

3. It is conducive to stable family relationship harmony

During pregnancy, women need to take care of them.At this time, it can effectively promote the relationship between husband and wife, and at the same time ease the contradictions between mother -in -law, thereby stabilizing the harmony of family relationships.

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