How long can chocolate be preserved?

Speaking of chocolate, have you ever had this experience?Open the refrigerator or cabinet, and find a pack of chocolate just expired, and there is a layer of white powder on it. Try to take a bite, and it seems that there is no bad. How long can the chocolate be preserved?

According to research by the US Natural Resources Protection Commission (NRDC), 91% of Americans will be discarded due to the vagueness of the expiration date and different sayings.In fact, the expiration date is usually only related to the quality of the product, which does not mean that those foods are not safe.

The U.S. Congress proposed a bill, hoping that the unified validity period label, the new system will simplify to two modes, one similar to the concept similar to the time limit, that is, the flavor in this period is the best state, and the other is the valid period limit.It is no longer available or consumed if it expires, for the expiration of foods that may endanger health, such as milk, cheese without high temperature sterilization.

For example, there is no absolute expiration date, and the so -called preservation period on the packaging is usually a reminder.As long as it is preserved properly, even if the storage period is over, it is usually eaten.According to the research of the consumer equity website Eat by Date, even if the "flavored period" on the packaging is roughly speaking, it can be stored again for 2-4 months at room temperature, while the refrigerator is about 4-6 months.8 months; but the report from Huffington Post pointed out that the flavor of chocolate is easily affected by the refrigerator temperature and humidity. Those who pay attention to taste should try to avoid putting chocolate in refrigeration or freezing.The chocolate of things is easy to rot, be sure to put it in the refrigerator.In addition, please remember to abide by the following codes!

Is there a sealing plastic bag or a fresh -keeping box to save chocolate?Because the air will accelerate cocoa butter’s oxidation, if the chocolate is tightly sealed and placed in a cool and dry place, it can be stored longer.

The storage temperature of chocolate is the best at 15-18 degrees Celsius. In some places, it is also a way to save chocolate due to the heat in summer.Or if you freeze, you must be carefully packaged. After taking out from the refrigerator, you must wait to reply to the room temperature before opening the packaging, which can be preserved and good.In addition, in order to have a longer flavor reward period, if you need to freeze, in addition to the above two points, you can also place it in the refrigerator for 24 hours before freezing. This is to avoid drastic changes in temperature and affect the texture.

"After a while of chocolate storage, sometimes the surface will be white, and it looks like a powder, called" oil spots ", which is the crystallization of cocoa butter."Of course, you can try to see if these chocolates have a taste.

The chocolate that is too long may not have a bad flavor. It is better to transform it into delicious desserts. It ’s like walnut chocolate Browni. People with a higher number of paragraphs can also challenge the chocolate lava cake.

Different types of chocolate preservation periods are also different. For example, black chocolate can be preserved longer than milk chocolate and white chocolate. It is because black chocolate has a high proportion of cocoa butter and is rich in various antioxidant molecules.In addition, white chocolate is a chocolate without chocolate, so it does not contain cocoa antioxidant ingredients. The preservation period is only a few weeks at appropriate temperature.

Perhaps it is not just chocolate. As long as we care more about eating food in our stomachs, and know more about knowledge and learning, we can avoid more food.of course!Fresh food is always the most delicious, not to mention that the chocolate is so attractive, just enjoy it!

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