How long can I feel fetal movement when I am pregnant?

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

A colleague was pregnant. After 16 weeks a few days ago, Tang Si passed smoothly. Yesterday, I told me that I was lying there in the afternoon.The lower right part of the grunt was moved and felt twice, asking me if it was fetal movement?

I said it should be, just like the small fish vomiting bubbles, it was the earliest fetal movement. She said that it should be, excited for a long time, happy like a child.

In fact, each pregnant mother feels different time for fetal movement.When I was pregnant with my son, it was 16 weeks later. At about 4 pm, lying on the sofa one day, I felt that the small belly "grunt" a few times, just like the usual belly, but it felt different.It was amazing that it was too fetal at the time, but it was not sure.In the next few days, I felt a few times when I lay flat, just like the small fish spit bubbles, grunt ~ Guru ~ that is the earliest fetal movement feeling.

But the girl who was pregnant with her fetal movement only felt at about 20 weeks. Compared with me, it would be a few weeks later.

Therefore, different pregnant mothers can feel that the fetal movement time is different. The earliest can feel the fetal movement after about 16 weeks of pregnancy, and it can be felt at about 20 weeks later.

Many pregnant mothers feel strange. Why do some pregnant mothers feel that the fetal movement time is early, and some pregnant mothers feel that the fetal movement time is so late?

Of course, the folk also said that "the boy’s fetal movement is late". In fact, there is no scientific basis.

A friend of me is also pregnant with a girl. It is about 17 weeks of fetal movement, so it can be seen that "the girl’s fetal movement is late" and it is not established.

That "feel the morning and evening of fetal movement" is mainly related to the actual gestational week, the fetus itself, and the sensitivity of pregnant mothers.

If the actual gestational week is small, that is, the actual fetus is less than the weeks of pregnancy that is calculated according to the last menstrual menstruation, then the time when the fetal movement will move is naturally later;

If the fetus is quiet and does not like to move, it may also feel that the fetal movement time is too late;

If the pregnant mother is a caring personality, when the fetal movement is not obvious, they do not pay attention to feel it carefully, or the sensitivity of the pregnant mother is low, and the fetal movement may be later.

I just said before that due to various factors of different pregnant mothers, they felt that the fetal movement time was not the same due to various factors, but the three types of expectant mothers below would relatively feel that the fetal movement time is earlier.

1. Mother of the second child.Because when you are pregnant, you will be more experienced than the first tire;

2. Pregnant mothers with high sensitivity.For the first time, the time of fetal movement is relatively earlier than pregnant mothers with lower sensitivity;

3. Pregnant mothers with less amniotic fluid.Amniotic fluid has a buffer effect on the fetus, because when the fetus is exercising, the mothers with less amniotic fluid may be easier to feel the fetal movement.

Generally, fetal movement also has to be about 16 weeks earlier. The pregnant mother wants to feel whether there is a fetal movement, and you can lie down quietly (lying more for a while), and feel whether there is a small fish vomiting bubble in the stomach.If you feel the feeling of "grunting", if you can feel it, it should be a fetal movement.

But if it is 16 weeks later, I haven’t felt the fetal movement, and don’t worry too much. As long as the fetus is healthy, the fetal movement will appear sooner or later.

Jingma said: The feeling of fetal movement for the first time is amazing, and many women feel like mothers have been established from that moment, and they are also very happy. Let’s talk about the first time you feel the baby’s fetal movement.

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