How long can I get pregnant after "Yang Kang"?Does it affect the success rate of "IVF"?

Original title: How long can I get pregnant after the popular science 丨 Yangkang?Does it affect the success rate of "IVF"?

Recently, many couples have penetrated into the "Yang circle"

It’s "Yang Kang"

Some of them include couples preparing for pregnancy

Passing on my mind

New coronary virus infection

Will the fertility be reduced?

Do you want to temporarily prepare for pregnancy?

How long does it need to wait?

Where should the couples who need to be pregnant for "test tubes" go?

Below we are targeted at everyone’s common questions

Answer one by one

1. Does the new coronary virus infection reduce fertility?

For women, the results of multiple studies show that there is no significant difference between the level of sex hormones and AMH before and after infection, that is, it is prompted that the new crown infection has a poor impact on ovarian reserves. [1-3]

16-28%of women will experience menstrual abnormalities after infection, including menstrual cycle disorders or abnormal menstrual flow [1] [4].But you don’t need to worry too much, because most of this changes in menstruation are short -lived.After 1-2 months, more than 84%of patients will return to normal menstrual flow or menstrual length [4].

Therefore, if you have abnormal menstruation after infection, you don’t have to be too nervous and anxious, and the probability will soon return to normal.The mood of too nervousness and anxiety may cause abnormal menstruation even if there is no infection.

For men, most studies suggest that the number and vitality of sperm in the new crown infection will decline, but after a sperm period (about 90 days), this damage can be recovered [5].

2. Does the new coronary virus infection affect the success rate of "IVF"?

Couples who are about to enter the "IVF" pregnancy -aid cycle are inevitable. Will the success rate of the auxiliary reproductive after infection?

Women who have recovered after infection:

For the fresh egg extraction cycle, the study of multiple small sample quantities suggests that women with asymptomatic infection history or minority infection have the results of the fresh cycle, the results of the number of egg gains, fertilization rates and other laboratoryWhen the clinical ending, there is no significant negative effect [6] [7].

For the thawing cycle, there is also a small sample volume study that the thawing embryo transplantation is performed after infection, and there is no significant difference in pregnancy rate compared to patients with unborn patients [8].

Couples infected with the new crown virus during pregnancy:

Under the guidance of a doctor, the response strategy can refer to the "Auxiliary Reproductive Institution and Sperm Studio Prevention and Control Management Suggestions (First Edition) under the popularity of the new crown virus Omircor’s strain.See the figure below [9] below [9]:

3. How long can the new crown infection be started to prepare/aid treatment for pregnancy?

At present, there is still no related data newspapers after the new crown recovery to the best time interval between conception/assistance. It is recommended to determine according to the recovery of the body.

If you are asymptomatic or mild patients, you can start trying to prepare for pregnancy or start pregnancy for one month after "Yang Kang".

If it is a patient, or although the nucleic acid or antigen has turned overcast, it is in a state of exhaustion and severe cough for a long time. Even a few steps will be panting. It is recommended to extend it appropriately to 3 months.

Because the eggs and sperm are mature, they are about 3 months, so the pregnancy/assisted pregnancy began 3 months after "Yang Kang" should be a secure time interval.

Don’t put on hold on the pregnancy preparation plan because of worry about the impact of the new crown infection, especially the elderly women over 35 years old and women with a decline in ovarian reserve function.Because with the growth of age, fertility has been going downhill.

4. What can pregnant couples pay attention to in the situation of new coronary viruses?

For couples who have not been infected with new coronary viruses in the past 6 months, it is recommended that the new crown vaccine is improved without contraindications.The research results of our center team show that the inactivation of the vaccine of vaccination does not affect the pregnancy ending of IVF, FET, and IUI [10-12].

For the recent "Yangkang" couples, continue to keep their hands -on -sharing, often ventilation, and mask good health habits to avoid secondary infections; balanced diet, appropriately increase intake of high -quality protein; supplement composite vitamins; quit smoking and alcohol, avoid staying up late;"Yang Kang" was temporarily slow.

No winter is overwhelming

No spring will not come

wish everyone

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There is also a new life full of vitality!

Author of this article:

Luo Yiqun’s attending physician of the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University


Liu Jianqiao Chief Physician of Reproductive Medicine Center, Affiliated to the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University


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