How long can I get pregnant after cesarean section?

A few days ago, a netizen from the studio Weibo (@前 前 前 前) left a message saying that her friends would come back from Ningbo to see me to see a doctor. Ask the reason, it was a cesarean section surgery 15 months ago.Doctors believe that abortion surgery must be performed.This netizen is a fan -level patient. The first child is the cesarean section surgery. I found pregnancy 8 months after surgery. I asked many doctors to recommend abortion.Risks, but there is also the possibility of success. I cannot give it, but I can move forward with caution. If you choose to continue, I am willing to work hard to monitor and look forward to success. "In the end, the patient was undergoing a cesarean section after 38 weeks of pregnancy. During the operation, he saw that the uterine scar healing was well healed, and there was no sign of rupture, which further increased confidence.

I have a patient after two cesarean section, 10 months before the second cesarean section surgery. The first two cesarean section is the lower cesarean section of the uterus. She is afraid that I will give her to give up.I never told me that I did not come to me until 6 months of pregnancy.There is no choice, only to persist with her, and closely observe the third cesarean section surgery at 37 weeks of pregnancy. During the operation, I saw that the lower section of the uterus was slightly thin, but it was good for elasticity and no signs of rupture.This is not an individual case. The patients I have in contact are 5 months, 6 months, 7 months, 8 months after cesarean section.The monthly delivery, and it was found that the uterus scar recovery was really good during surgery.Therefore, I am willing to share with you and challenge the traditional concept. It is believed that the point of the child after cesarean section must be a doctor’s suggestion after 2 years, but it cannot be performed rigidly.After sending this view on Weibo, some colleagues were recognized, and they told me that I could get pregnant half a year after the Spo -Guo Clicter Section. There is no special restriction on the next child in Hong Kong.

In addition, for the monitoring of scars after cesarean section, do not be superstitious to look at the thickness of the scar under the ultrasound. The tangled is that 2mm is easy to rupture or 3mm.Insufficient basis.The few millimeters of errors under ultrasonic measurement are too easy. Whether the scar uterus rupture depends on the elasticity of the uterine scar rather than thickness. Elasticity cannot be evaluated at all.If there is no tear pain in the scar incision during pregnancy, the pain and tenderness at the scar are rarely ruptured.Therefore, do not force the ultrasound doctor to see the thickness of the scar, and the ultrasonic doctor often complains about it.Unless the patient has symptoms, when the echo of the uterine scar is continuously interrupted, the echo of the uterine scar is interrupted carefully, and the possibility of incomplete uterine rupture is not ruled out.A Weibo of the first hospital of Sun Yat -sen University@Super Girl Style posted a Weibo. The scar measured was 0mm. She commented that the end of the pregnancy was ruptured without uterine. I knew what she wanted to express and did not ask what she saw during the operation.However, clinicians of obstetrics will be judged as "incompetent uterine rupture-that is, scar breaks, but the pulp layer is complete."In this case, the obstetrician will comprehensively determine the cesarean section surgery again based on the symptoms of gestational weeks, whether there are contractions, and incision tenderness.

More and more obstetricians have begun to recognize the scar uterus. Therefore, many patients after cesarean section are competent if they are pregnant after pregnancy.Uterine surgery scars, no tenderness at the uterine incision scar at the end of pregnancy, and obstetricians often recommend VBAC (vaginal delivery after cesarean section), but the doctor needs to be tightly monitored during the delivery process.Plan (0.52%of the risk of uterine rupture during the birth), the VBAC success rate reported in the above situation is 50-80%.

In clinical work, uterine rupture is often encountered.Inaccurate sutures), postoperative tattoos of uterine fibroids, and aftermarking of large fibroid nuclear divisions in the muscle wall of the uterine body.The method of pregnancy and childbirth in the scar uterus is simple and complicated. The complexity contains simple. You don’t have to worry too much, but you should not be underestimated.

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