How long can I get pregnant after CT examination?You should know the common sense of CT!

How long can a woman get pregnant after CT examination?CT examination is a modern imaging technology that integrates X -ray technology and computer technology, and is one of our most common imaging examinations.Because the CT check has negative effects such as radiation, it will take a while to start preparing for pregnancy after the inspection.

How long can I get pregnant after CT test?

Generally speaking, X -ray examinations such as chest thyroid, CT, molybdenum target (one of breast examination) are done, and it is best to get pregnant after three months or half a year.

Do not get pregnant within half a year by receiving radiation therapy, otherwise it will easily lead to fetal malformations or natural miscarriage, especially when you are pregnant within three months after the end of the radiation therapy, and the risk of fetal deformity is greater.

In fact, in addition to pregnancy, there are other precautions after CT examination. Let’s take a look at it below.

Precautions after CT examination

1. Drink plenty of water as much as possible to facilitate the metabolism of 18F-FDG and eliminate the body. Generally, after 2-3 hours, you can remove the injection to the human body through the urine and exclude it.

2. Generally, after the appearance of the imaging agent is completed, it is recommended not to contact pregnant women and babies. This time period generally refers to within 6 hours after the examination;

3. If there are special circumstances for patients who accept the examination, they should actively explain the situation to the medical staff of the PET CT center, so that the medical staff can make proper arrangements for the patients and conduct targeted guidance for the precautions for examination.

The above are the matters that need to be paid attention to after the CT examination. In order to allow everyone to better accept the CT inspection, let’s take a look at the precautions before the CT examination.

Precautions before CT examination

1. Enhanced scanning and abdomen scan patients in various parts. Before examination, at least 4 hours;

2. Patients with abdominal examination shall not be checked within 1 week before the examination;

3. Please bring all the inspection results for later use, such as X -rays, isotopes, ultrasonic, liver function, nail tires, etc., and any CT films and reports that have been made;

4. Enhance the test of patients with iodine allergies, and those who are negative can perform.Before the iodine allergy experiment, you must fully understand the CT enhanced inspection notice, and after the signing of him and his family, the iodine allergy experiment (CT enhanced inspection notice, attached)

5. For emergency patients in danger, they must be checked under the supervision of emergency medical staff.

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