How long is the auntie more easily pregnant after leaving?It is difficult to get pregnant after this time

I believe that the boys and girls who come in and read this article all hope that they can have a baby who belongs to themselves as soon as possible. We all know that only in the same room during ovulation, the chance of pregnancy will be greater, so most pregnant couples choose thisThe same time in the same time, but the accuracy of many people is not very clear. Some people say that this time has something to do with the menstrual cycle of women.So, how long does it take to get pregnant after giving away? Let’s take a look together.

Usually more than 8 days after menstruation, it is easy to get pregnant in the same room.However, due to the different menstrual cycle of each person, it is easy to get pregnant a few days after the monthly passage.

1. Regarding women with stable menstrual periods: Owning Day is the 14th day before the menstrual tide of the next month, so on the first 5 days of this day, including this day and the last 4 days of the day, it is called the ovulation period.In other words, the ovulation period of ordinary women is ten days.

2. Assume that the menstrual cycle is unstable: the ovulation period can be calculated by this method: the first day of the ovulation period = the shortest one -time menstrual cycle day, the number of days of the menstrual cycle is reduced by 18 days, and the last day of the ovulation period = the maximum number of menstrual cycles to be reduced 11 days.The calculation method is based on the first day of this menstrual period, and the number of days is calculated backward.

1. Check before pregnancy cannot be less

The so -called pre -pregnancy examination is to evaluate the potential risks of themselves, fetuses and pregnancy through a series of medical examinations and medical history collection, and intervene in time.This includes conventional physical examination, liver function, etc.In addition, the most important thing is the reproductive function test. Because if you want to get pregnant normally, you must first have a healthy egg and uterus, so you must determine whether the reproductive function is sound and healthy.Under normal circumstances, women can start preparing for pregnancy.

2. Master a reasonable law of life

Long -term smoking and drinking will be harmful to women.And these harmful substances will stay in the body, which may cause harm to the fetus. If pregnancy will increase the risk of abortion, fetal stopping, and fetal deformity.In addition, although staying up late during pregnancy will not affect the future of the fetus, women stay up late for a long time to interfere with the endocrine system, which is prone to menstrual disorders and irregular ovulation periods, which will affect normal pregnancy.

3. Improve diet and reasonable exercise

During pregnancy, female friends should also make dietary adjustments. It is not to say that it is necessary to consume more foods, but to maintain a balanced diet, and the balanced intake of vegetables, eggs, and meat is arranged in three meals.middle.At the same time, it should be paid attention to folic acid supplement when preparing for pregnancy, which is conducive to pregnancy and the development of neural tube development in the future;

The above is a related introduction to getting pregnant a few days after menstruation. I hope to bring more help to everyone. If you are still worried about this, you can also seek the help of a doctor, so that the chance of pregnancy will be greater.

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