How long is the postpartum menstruation as normal? Many novice mothers do not know that it will affect health sooner or later

When women enter adolescence, after ovulation every month, if fertilized eggs are not formed, the endometrium will be thickened, thickened to a certain degree, and will fall off bleeding. The blood flows out of the vagina and is called menstruation.

After the expectant mothers are pregnant, menstruation will be stopped throughout pregnancy. It will not come again until the baby is given a period of time.

How long is the menstruation after childbirth?Can postpartum menstruation reflect the recovery of the body?

Xiao Feng was born for more than a year, and had been adopted for breastfeeding. In order to meet the nutritional needs of the baby, Xiao Feng also supplemented herself for nutrition. Each meal ate a lot, and he was a lot fatter.

But this has been more than a year, but Xiao Feng has never been menstruation. She feels that her body is recovered, but why hasn’t menstruation?Xiao Feng went to the hospital for examination.

After the examination, the doctor said that Xiao Feng had no symptoms. It should be breastfeeding. In addition, Xiao Feng was slightly obese, which led to delay in menstruation.I hope Xiao Feng, actively lose weight, believe that menstruation will come soon.

Scientific research shows that mothers who do not feed breastfeeding generally come early after giving birth, and will come about 7 weeks.Breastfeeding can generally be delayed until about one year after production.

As long as the mothers have no disease after inspection, they can wait at ease waiting for menstruation.

① breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers will reduce hormonal secretion due to breastfeeding, which will inhibit ovarian function, which will cause menstrual recovery later.

② Postpartum depression

The expectant mother has gone through the difficult production process, and after delivery, she also needs to experience the transformation of identity, and to face the hands of the newborn.

These will lead to the depression of the mothers after delivery and cause mental stress. If there are some unsatisfactory, it will easily lead to postpartum depression.

And women’s menstrual suffrage is relatively affected, so it is easy to cause menstruation to be late.

③Aditted pregnancy again

If there are no contraceptive measures after giving birth, many people think that they will not get pregnant without menstruation, but it is not.

The postpartum female body will still ovulate on the ovulation day. If contraceptive measures are not taken in time, it will cause pregnancy again during breastfeeding, which will cause great damage to women.

④ Obesity

Some women have grown too much during pregnancy. After giving birth, they are busy supplementing nutrition without controlling weight, which leads to a sharp increase in weight and produce obesity.

Obesity can cause women’s endocrine disorders and cause menstruation late.

① Eliminate the impact of the disease

If you have not recovered menstruation for a long time, you must first go to the hospital for detailed examination to see if it is caused by the disease.

After treatment, the pathological factors were eliminated, and mothers could restore menstruation.

② Happy mood

Moms in postpartum, to actively regulate their mentality, adapt to their new identity, encounter trouble, actively communicate with their families, and seek help from family members.

③ Don’t overwork

Mothers should ensure sufficient sleep after childbirth, so that they can restore their bodies as soon as possible. When taking care of the baby, they can share it with their families without excessive exhaustion.

④ Focus on diet health

Postpartum mothers must adhere to calcium supplementation, especially breastfeeding mothers. The body’s physical demand for nutrition is very large. On the one hand, it is necessary to supplement the nutrition that she is lost during pregnancy. On the one hand, it must meet the nutritional needs of the baby.

Therefore, the diet of expectant mothers should be balanced, not only pay attention to the intake of protein, but also eat more vegetables to ensure the intake of vitamins and dietary fiber.

【Mom Sending】

Children are the source of hope of young mothers. Children’s health and happiness are mothers’s responsibilities and obligations.

Therefore, mothers will definitely encounter difficulties and troubles. Moms should pay attention to postpartum physical recovery and maintain a good attitude. As the babies grow up, the mothers’ bodies will recover better.

Breeding and raising is a common responsibility of a family, not the duties of women alone, so every member of the entire family needs to adjust themselves to complete the role of the role.

【Topic today】

How long does your menstruation come after giving birth?

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