How long will Yuting postpon?

Yuting is a relatively common contraindication contraceptive pill. Everyone knows that Yuting’s side effect is to cause menstruation to delay. How long will Yuting postpone menstruation? Today, the editor of WED114 Wedding Network brings you the symptoms of abnormal menstruation.

How long will Yuting postpone menstruation

Taking emergency contraceptives will cause adverse reactions such as delayed menstruation, irregular retreat bleeding, and endocrine disorders.The delay time of menstruation varies from person to person, and some may be as long as ten days.

Yu Ting takes attention

1. Take a variety of contraceptives to develop a good habit of accurate, time, and quantity. Do not change or extend the medication time at will.Do not miss the service and delay, and find that the missing service should be supplemented the next day, otherwise it is easy to cause irregular bleeding or contraceptive failure.

2. The contraceptive should be preserved properly to avoid children’s mistakes.If the pills are worn, dissolved, or wear and crushed, do not take it, so as not to affect the contraceptive effect or cause vaginal bleeding.

3. Those who have long -term contraception should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.The duration period is usually short-acting drugs for 6-7 years, and long-term drugs are 3 to 4 years.Detective contraceptives do not exceed 2 times a year.Can be used alternately with other contraceptive measures.

4. Anyone, chronic hepatitis, nephritis, tumors, diabetes, thrombotic diseases, heart disease, severe hypertension patients, must not be taken.

5. Within half a year after giving birth, women who are breastfeeding or age are not suitable for women over 45 years of age.

6. Pregnancy should be suspended during pregnancy.It is required to discontinue the medicine for half a year before pregnancy to prevent fertility from fertility.

How long does it take to take contraceptive pills afterwards useful

1. Emergency contraceptive pill -Yuting’s main component is progesterone.The principle of drug action is basically the same as short -acting contraceptives.Suitable for women under 40.Yuting’s functional mechanism is to inhibit ovulation and prevent pregnancy from bed. In addition, Yuting’s aftermath of contraceptive pills can also increase the consistency of cervical mucus and increase the resistance of sperm penetration, thereby playing a speed -effective contraceptive effect.However, it must be remembered that Yuting is a fast -acting and short -acting contraceptive pill. It needs to take the first piece within 72 hours after the intercourse, and then take the second film after 12 hours.

2. Emergency contraceptive pill -Mi -non -felone tablets

Low -dose rice non -ketone has the effect of anti -early pregnancy. Afterwards, contraception is just one tablet, which also saves the trouble of eating two tablets, but it must be remembered.You can eat.If you take the adverse reaction of vomiting in orally, you also need to eat the same dose of rice non -olone.”P”副”E”

Symptoms of abnormal menstruation

Symptom 1: Meridian Blood Color

Normal blood is dark red, and the bloody endometrium is mixed in the blood, the cervical mucus, and the vaginal epithelial cells are mixed off.If the blood is as thin as water, it is not normal to be a bit pink or black.If the menstrual blood is completely coagulated and not normal, there may be another part of bleeding. You should seek medical treatment early to ensure good health.

Symptom 2: early menstruation

Menstruation refers to the shortening of the menstrual period in advance, shorter than 21 days, and more than 2 consecutive cycles. It belongs to the basis of ovulation -type and blood, and menstrual disorders are warm and both.The follicle period is short, only 7 to 8 days, or the luteal period is shorter than 10 days, or the body temperature rises less than 0.5 ° C.

Symptom three: mid -menstrual bleeding (also known as inter -meridian bleeding, ovulation bleeding)

Refers to the bleeding in the middle of the two regular menstrual cycles, which is due to the short decrease of estrogen levels, which causes bleeding caused by endometrial endometrium loss of endometrial loss of hormone support.

Symptom 4: Menstrual period (also known as menstrual period)

Women’s menstrual period is about 2 to 5 days.Generally, the law of menstruation is that there are not many menstrual blood on the first day, and the number of on the second or three days will gradually decrease until the menstrual blood is clean.This is because the endometrium of the first day has just begun. The endometrium of the endometrium of the second day increased, and the amount of bleeding increased. The uterus was stimulated.After the menstrual blood is clean, some people have come a little more after a day or two, commonly known as "recoil of menstrual blood", which is not a disease, but a normal phenomenon.However, some women’s menstrual periods are 10 to 20 days, and menstruation is endless; some menstrual periods are extremely short, but they just pass by.Both phenomena are abnormal.

Symptom 5: Menstrual period extension

The menstrual cycle is normal and the menstrual volume is normal, but the menstrual period is prolonged.Those with inflammation usually have small abdominal pain, worsen menstrual periods, and usually have a large amount of leucorrhea.Those who do not have luteal atrophy at the same time are accompanied by more menstrual flow; uterine endometrial repair extension people still have a small amount of persistent vaginal bleeding after the normal menstrual period.

Symptom 6: menstrual blood volume

How many menstrual flow is different from people, usually 20 to 100 ml.Generally changing sanitary napkins or paper 3 to 5 times a day is normal.If the blood volume is too much, the sanitary napkin or paper will soon be soaked, and even the menstrual blood flows down, which is not normal.Excessive blood may be functional uterine bleeding caused by factors such as excessive mental stress, environmental changes, malnutrition, and metabolic disorders.Excessive blood through blood can cause anemia. The cause should be found and treated.Of course, if the uterus and ovaries are abnormal or systemic diseases, the menstrual flow is too small, and this situation is not normal, and you should seek medical treatment in time.Child and adolescent girls are more common with too much menstrual flow.The main reason is that during the development of youth, the ovarian function has not been fully mature. At this time, part of the menstruation belongs to ovulation -free.Without ovulation, there is no luteum, and there is no progesterone without lutein.Therefore, the endometrium can only be in the proliferation period and cannot reach a complete secretion period, resulting in incomplete endometrium falling off and affecting the shrinkage of the uterus, causing excessive menstrual blood.If this situation does not attract attention, over time, it can appear pale, fatigue, dizziness and other anemia symptoms, and should also be treated for treatment.

Symptoms 7: Delayed menstrual period

More than 7 days after menstruation, or even 40 to 50 days, and a row of menstruation, more than two consecutive menstrual cycles.Those with ovulation, the basal body temperature double phase, but the follicle period is long, the high temperature phase is low; those without ovulation, the basal body temperature single phase.

Symptom eight: Menstruation is irregular

Menstruation is advanced or delayed, the cycle is shorter than 21 days, or it is longer than 35 days.

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