How many "strange reactions" during pregnancy?Swelling and long hair are all small problems, which causes a headache

Lili is my colleague. We are in an office. Because everyone is almost the same age, there are many topics, and such an office environment is very happy.But recently, I clearly feel that Lili is unhappy and absent -minded.After a closer question, it turned out that she was pregnant and found that she had a lot of hair on her belly, which made her feel ugly. She didn’t know if she wanted to take off her hair, but she was afraid that it would not be good for her baby and was tangled.

I thought something had happened. It turned out that I was just this little thing. I comforted her and was pregnant.It is normal for hair to grow hair. Some people are not long, but some people still grow. Each person has different constitutions, so the response to pregnancy is also different.After women are pregnant, the body’s hormone changes, and the estrogen and progesterone in the body will find changes. These hormones will make the pregnant mothers grow strong, so there will be a long stomach.

Regarding the long hair on the stomach, some elderly people interpreted randomly, saying that there are long hairs, and they must be pregnant with their sons. These have no scientific basis, and pregnant mothers should not believe it.

After childbirth, this hair will actually retreat naturally, so Mom Mom does not have to worry too much.Generally speaking, after childbirth, the hormone in the body will return to normal, the hair follicles will no longer be stimulated, and the hair will fall off, so this hair does not need to be treated specially.

In fact, although it is only 10 months pregnant, it is just a year for pregnant mothers.During this period, there will be many unexpected situations, such as, pregnancy, cramps, and constipation.In addition to changes inside these body, the external body will change.

For example, after pregnancy, swelling is a clear change.This is mainly manifested after pregnancy. It is found that the shoes are beginning to become a bit smaller, not that your shoes become smaller, but your feet have become larger.After pregnancy, relaxation hormone secrete, which will cause leg muscles to relax, then cause the feet to become larger, and the situation of not putting shoes. This phenomenon is actually short. ThereforeThis causes economic losses.Because your feet will slowly recover after childbirth.Previous shoes can be worn again.

I often hear people say that I am pregnant for three years. Before I was pregnant, I would scoff at such words, but when I really happened to myself, I began to be convinced. It turned out that I was pregnant for three years.I often forget to take a key to go out. Sometimes I do the same thing twice, or a TV series. After watching it, I forget the plot in a few days.

I often think, why is this?My husband woke up a little bit in the dream. It turned out that my life was completely different from the past.I used to be a career -oriented woman, and everything I was arranged well, with normal schedule.But now it ’s different, and even the taste of my food has changed a lot.What I like to eat before, now I see it when I see it.

In the past, I could wear professional sets and went to work in heroic posture. Now because I have a big stomach, do n’t say professional clothes, I ca n’t even wear my past shoes.The attention is not the same. In the past, I was most concerned about myself. The first time I thought of the baby is the baby. For the health of the baby, I quit coffee milk tea that I like to drink and drink only healthy drinks such as juice.

There is also a schedule. In the past, I went to bed at a fixed time every day. Now I ca n’t do it. After my belly is big, sleep becomes difficult. Sometimes I feel that breathing is difficult.But when you think of your baby in the stomach, you will feel that everything is worth it.

The difficult process of pregnancy, compared to swelling, and long hair, these are actually trivial matters, there is one thing that makes the pregnant mother cry and laugh, and can even say that there is a headache. What is it?

That is, the urine is incontinence. It is impressive that once I watched a funny movie at home, the whole person was teased by the TV plot, but at this time something embarrassing happened.Suddenly, the pants were wet. It turned out that I had urinary incontinence. I always thought that urinary incontinence was only what happened to the elderly and children. I was an adult, and this situation would happen.I was scared at the time, and hurried to the hospital to see the doctor.

After the doctor’s examination, the doctor comforted me and said that urinary incontinence is a normal phenomenon of pregnancy. Don’t worry, it is not what happens in the body.The main reason is that the baby is getting bigger and larger, and the position of the uterus is getting larger and larger, and it will compress the bladder. At this time, as long as the bladder increases pressure, urinary incontinence or frequent urination will occur.This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and there is no shame.

However, in order to avoid this situation in public, pregnant mothers should develop the habit of going to the toilet regularly. Although there is no urination, they can also go to the last toilet, so that this embarrassing phenomenon can be effectively avoided.

It is not easy to have a baby to have a baby. Expectant mothers must also adjust their mentality and accept physical changes. Do not be too anxious to greet the baby’s arrival happier.

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