How many B -ultrasound do you do at least during pregnancy?With less than 6 times, the opportunity to intervene in "abnormal" will be missed

For pregnant women, the least thing after pregnancy is the checkup.During the pregnancy stage, pregnant women have to go through more than ten production examinations, and half of the birth checks involve ultrasonic examinations, which is the B -ultrasound we often say.

However, many expectant mothers feel very annoying to do the production inspection.As long as you go to the hospital for a birth checkup, it takes half a day. It is inevitable to ask for leave. It depends on the faces of the unit leader.

However, the checkup is indeed indispensable for pregnant women. The abnormalities of the fetus can be found early through the checkup.So how many times do I do at least how many times do I have to test during pregnancy?

A pregnant mother has been pregnant for 20 weeks. At this time, she is still at work, and she feels a headache for doing the inspection.Always asking for leave, the leader is not unhappy, but she feels unreasonable.

Doing B -ultrasound is also a very troublesome thing, and every time you have to line up in the hospital for a long time.At first, her husband also accompanied her to the hospital. Now every time she goes, she is alone, and the mood is even worse.

It was easy to be irritable during pregnancy, and now doing B -ultrasound has become a big burden for her.On the one hand, she also wants to know the child’s condition, and on the other hand, she is a bit resistant to the hospital.So generally, how many B -ultrasound should be done during the entire pregnancy of pregnant women?

What pregnant mothers need to understand is that ultrasound is actually a high -frequency sound wave, which reflects different objects through ultrasound, so that specific images can be formed.During the entire pregnancy, pregnant women have to go through at least 6 B -ultrasound examinations.

1. 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, first check

Generally speaking, the B -ultrasound will be performed when the pregnant mother’s first birth checkup.

This time the B -ultrasound is very important, mainly to see if there is any ectopic pregnancy, and whether the fetal heart development is normal.What pregnant mothers should pay attention to that this time B -ultrasound requires an empty stomach.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital for examination early. After completing the examination as soon as possible, the food can be supplemented in time, so as not to be hungry for too long.

2. 11-13 weeks of pregnancy, NT examination

The second B -ultrasound examination is mainly NT examination.What is NT check?Refers to the thickness of the fetal neck box.Through NT examination, you can see if your child has some congenital diseases.

However, even if the NT thickening of the fetus does not mean that the fetus’s body must have problems.If you find the problem of NT thickening, you need to conduct some other inspections to make a comprehensive judgment.

3. 15-22 weeks of pregnancy, NF check

NF examination is similar to NT examinations, and it is a screening of whether the fetal development is deformity.NF refers to the thickness of the posterior neck of the fetus, which is very closely related to the abnormality of the fetal chromosome.If the NF is thickened, it is also necessary to combine further examination to see if the fetus is risk of deformity.

4. 21-24 weeks of pregnancy, a large row of deformed examination

This time it is a very important checkup for pregnant women, mainly to investigate severe malformations.Commonly mainly have problems with facial malformations, digestive systems, nervous systems, and so on.

5. 29-32 weeks of pregnancy, small row default examination

"Small row" is also a very important examination, mainly to check the growth and development of the fetus to see if the fetus has abnormal umbilical cord and abnormal placenta.

6. 37-38 weeks of pregnancy, prenatal examination

This is the last B -ultrasound examination before production, and it is also a routine check before delivery.If there is no problem this time, the pregnant mother can be completely relieved.

【Mom Sending】

What I want to say to pregnant mothers here is that do not think that the pregnancy examination is troublesome. The B -ultrasound examination during pregnancy is very important. Through B -ultrasound, pregnant mothers can find the child’s problem in time.

It is not difficult to see through the above analysis that the number of B -ultrasound examinations throughout pregnancy must not be less than six times. These six examinations have their own use.

If you do not perform B -ultrasound on time, you may miss some important information, and even miss the chance of knowing the abnormal fetal problem. It will be too late to wait for the child to be born.

【Topic today】

How many B -ultrasounds did you go during pregnancy?

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