How many days can I test it?Menstruation is delayed for 7 days, and the pregnancy test stick is deeper and shallow. What is going on?

For those who prepare for pregnancy, if people are not up for a long time, they may cause false pregnancy reactions, that is, a few days after the same room, some people feel that they are pregnant and even disgusting.In fact, after pregnancy, the early pregnancy response will not appear so early at all, so how many days after pregnancy can be measured?How long will the "early pregnancy reaction" appear after pregnancy?

Theoretically speaking, the successful eggs of fertilized eggs marked the successful pregnancy of women.It takes about 6-7 days from the ovulation day to the fertilized egg bed.However, after the fertilized eggs have just taken bed, the hormone in the body changes very small, so it may not be measured. It may be about 3 days of waiting for about 10 days after the same room.pregnant.Some women may need to wait until 3 weeks to detect it, which is also normal.

Through the above telling, we know that after the ovulation day is in the same room, wait for about 10 days to take early pregnancy testing. So how long does it take to wait for the pregnancy to react after the pregnancy?

Early pregnancy reactions include a lot of early pregnancy reactions, such as pregnancy vomiting, breast tenderness, drowsiness, etc.Under normal circumstances, when the hormone secretion in the body increases, the woman’s body will have an early pregnancy reaction. The most obvious is chest pain, which will appear about 15 days of pregnancy. After that, various early pregnancy reactions will also appear.The early pregnancy reaction will disappear after the third month of pregnancy.

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, if menstruation is delayed for more than a week, then early pregnancy test can be performed. If the test shows that it is positive, it means pregnancy, but what’s the matter if it is shown deeper and shallow?

In fact, there are many reasons for showing a deepening layer of pregnancy.Interesting mental stress, gynecological diseases, etc., may cause delay of menstruation. In this case, you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound to check whether you are pregnant.

For a few days of pregnancy, it can be measured. How long will women have an early pregnancy reaction after a woman? Do you know this series of issues?Do you have other questions about this, can you leave a message in the comment area below.

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