How many days do you need to do a pregnancy test for the first time?The doctor recommends 12 weeks, but in these cases

The cousin Xiaomeng hopes that the stars hope that the moon is finally pregnant. The whole family is happy for this youngest sister. Both uncle and little sister -in -law are too happy, but when you are happy, the uncle and the little sister are worried about the cousin’s girl’sThe work would be tired and asked me. How many days of pregnancy to start pregnancy tests, how many times I need to check? Xiao Yan said: We have no pregnancy test that year, and we have a cousin in a confused manner.No better than before, the pregnancy test must keep up with, eugenics.Their couple prepared to discuss the time, and they took the baby girl to do a pregnancy test.

I am also very happy for the little cousin. I have a baby in my life. I feel a big step.

Pregnant mummy is often pregnant unknowingly.

Generally, the moon has not come for a month, and you will think that it is already pregnant. At this timeCalculating from the weeks of pregnancy is already around 5 weeks of pregnancy.

What you need to pay attention to here is:

1. When the test strip is tested, go to the hospital to confirm

Although the accuracy rate of the test strip is about 95%, I also have to go to the hospital for examination and confirmation to confirm that it is really pregnant.The hospital will check the value of HCG to determine whether it is really conceived.

At the same time, the time to discontinue menstruation and situation, both husbands and wives have a history and genetic history of pregnancy.This examination will include the weight of the pregnant woman, the blood pressure, the size of the uterus, and the weeks of the pregnancy.

2. After diagnosis of pregnancy

After the diagnosis is confirmed, the first real pregnancy test is required to be carried out in about 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, in the process, if abdominal pain, bleeding or brown discharge, you need to go to the doctor to check again.Check the doubling of HCG, and will also prescribe some drugs.

At that time, I also appeared some brown secretions. After the doctor prescribed some drugs, there was no such situation to prevent the phenomenon of threatened abortion.

If there are no other abnormal phenomena, you can start a pregnancy test around 12 weeks of pregnancy, and this week will be registered and built (PS: There are also places to go to the hospital for archives in 8 weeks of pregnancy).The clinic on schedule is first once a month. With the progress of pregnancy, the frequency of examination will be more and more.4 months to 28 weeks of pregnancy, 29 to 36 weeks of examination every 4 weeks, and 36 weeks of examination every 2 weeks, once a week, until the delivery period.

Therefore, the entire pregnancy examination is about 10-12 times. Of course, if the four-dimensional four-dimensional of the expectant mother has always been, you need to run a few more times. If the older pregnant woman, if the Tang sieve is not over, you need to perform non-invasive or amniotic fluid puncture to further confirm the diagnosis.The normal situation of the fetus.

In the early pregnancy examination, it mainly includes: hospital archives, routine blood, routine urine, leucorrhea, syphilis screening, liver function, kidney function, blood type, rubella, toxoplasma virus, etc.;Body virus.

Other conventional examinations include weight and height. The weight of the pregnant mother will be valued by the proportion and it will be weighing. It will propose some corresponding solutions.

In the second trimester, the main examination of Tang sieve, edema examination, fetal heart auscultation, cervical cancer picture examination, electrocardiogram and B -ultrasound examination;

In the third trimester, it mainly includes fetal heart monitoring, pelvic internal testing, electrocardiogram, B -ultrasound, high palace, blood pressure, abdominal circumference, etc.

The height, weight, blood routine and urine routine are necessary items for each physical examination.

A friend of me said that after pregnancy, I often went to the hospital to listen to some related lectures. I learned a lot of knowledge. It turned out that the calories of many things were really high. I need to eat vegetables and fruits every day, but in fact, it is not large.It was something surprisingly. She said that she always thought that pregnant mothers could eat it at will.

The arrival of each little life will bring the greatest joy to each family, and bless every pregnant mummy!

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