How many radiology checks can be done a year?

"Is the radiation damage in radiology?" "How many times can I do radiology inspections a year?" "How long can I get pregnant after doing the radiology department?" After the examination of the radiology department, the patient’s problems were in various ways. The summary is that it is summarized.This "Soul Three Questions".

First of all, we must know that not all radiology inspections have radiation.

Common radiology inspections include DR (X -ray), CT (electronic computer body layer scan), and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).Among them, DR and CT have radiation, and MRI has no radiation.Of course, although there is no ionizing radiation, MRI also has disadvantages. For example, the cost of inspection is expensive, the inspection time is long, the noise is large, and the calcification of the tissue is not sensitive, but it is sensitive to the patient’s physical movement and is prone to pseudohadoscopy.Therefore, you should obey the professional opinions of the doctor and choose the appropriate examination method from the perspective of the most suitable disease examination.

Secondly, if the doctor has a DR and CT examination, should you worry about radiation?This is actually a problem of radiation dosage.

You know, there is natural radiation in our living environment. They come from the rays from the cosmic rays and natural radioactive nucleo in the natural world. These natural radiations are safe for us.For example, we will be radiated naturally when we plane.Taking Shanghai Fei New York once as an example, the number of natural radiation agents is about 0.05msv.According to the UN Atomic Radiation Effect Science Committee estimates, the dosage of natural radiation per capita in the world is about 2.4msv/year.

What is the radiation dose of radiology check?Taking chest examination as an example, the amount of radiation at each time of X -ray films is about 0.04msv, which is equivalent to taking a round -trip aircraft from Shanghai to New York once.In the past, the amount of radiation in a regular CT of the chest was about 6msv. Today, as the equipment and technology increase, the chest CT usually uses a low dose mode, and the radiation dose can be reduced to about 1MSV.Of course, the quality of the image produced by different doses should also be obeyed by the doctor’s professional opinions.

A cold knowledge of science: If you suck 1 pack of cigarettes a day, the amount of radiation doses each year is about 35msv, which is far greater than the radiation dose of most radiology inspection.

How many radiology inspections can be done a year?The basic dose limit of current radiation protection in my country: Generally does not exceed 50msv each year.Therefore, it is generally recommended not to exceed 3 times within one year.

How long can I get pregnant after a radiology department?It is recommended to consider pregnancy after 3 months after the radiology examination.Because under normal circumstances, the damage caused by radiation can be repaired and eliminated by the human body itself.And its renovation cycle, the current unified view is the time for the longest 3 months, that is, the time of all the body’s blood metabolism is replaced by the new blood cells.

Author: Xu Di (Affiliated to Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine College)

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