How many rumors do you believe in empty stomach?

There have been many foods on the Internet that have been circulating on the Internet. Is there any basis for these?

On an empty stomach

What is an empty stomach?

For an empty stomach blood test, an empty stomach refers to fasting for more than 8 hours.However, from the perspective of nutrition, the empty stomach is not so strict, as long as the food in the stomach is empty, it is empty.Generally speaking, the stomach is empty for 4-6 hours.

Why is it uncomfortable to eat certain foods on an empty stomach?

After the food in the stomach is emptied, it loses the protection of the surface of the surface. When some irritating foods or unavailable foods enter, uncomfortable symptoms will occur.

Those fruits that cannot be eaten on an empty stomach


Banana with the deepest misunderstanding

Rumor: Eating bananas on an empty stomach can increase the concentration of potassium and magnesium in human blood, which can easily cause heart discomfort.

Truth: The content of potassium and magnesium in bananas is high, but when bananas enter the human body, you need to go through a series of complex digestion and absorption process. The human body also has its own adjustment function. ThereforeEssenceFor normal people, there is no problem eating 1 banana on an empty stomach.


The persimmons of the rumor

Rumor: Eating persimmons on an empty stomach will get stones.

Truth: Normal people can eat a small amount of persimmons on an empty stomach.The persimmon contains tannic acid, and the stomach in the empty stomach is in a high acid environment. Tannic acid is easily aggregated to form stones under the action of gastric acid.However, the persimmons on the market have been taken off and the tannic acid content has decreased.But for those with weak gastrointestinal function, try to avoid eating persimmons on an empty stomach, and you must pick it up a little bit, do not eat too much at a time.


The rumors sound strange lychee

Rumors: Eating lychee on an empty stomach will get litchi disease.

Truth: Litchi is really not recommended to eat on an empty stomach.Litchi contains a large amount of fructose. After entering the human body, a large number of people can promote insulin to secrete insulin and reduce blood sugar.However, the fruit sugar in the litchi needs to be transformed into glucose through the liver to enter the blood. It is not replenished in the blood in time. It is equivalent to saying that the blood sugar drops faster at this time, which is easy to cause hypoglycemia, that is, litchi disease.Therefore, you should avoid eating litchi, especially sensitive people, such as children, the elderly, and those who are prone to hypoglycemia, and pay attention to the amount.For example, children within one year of age are not recommended, and those who are prone to hypoglycemia are prone to eat 2; 5 people and children are 5 daily; normal adults should also control less than 10 capsules a day.In addition, it is best to eat some foods rich in carbohydrates before eating litchi.

There are also rumors that when eating high protein such as milk, soy milk, and eggs, the protein has become energy, which is a waste of protein.Indeed, eating high -carbohydrate foods before eating protein foods can save protein, allowing protein to better use in maintaining muscle and repairing tissue organs, but this is not a taboo reason.

Which types of people can’t eat high protein on an empty stomach?

Those who try to avoid eating high protein on an empty stomach are the following characteristics:


Lactose intolerance

Such people try not to drink milk during an empty stomach, and can drink a small amount in a non -empty abdomen.If the lactose is not resistant, you can choose the comfortable milk of yogurt or zero lactose.


Weak digestive ability

After ingesting a large amount of protein, the human body needs to start the activity of gastric protease and secrete more proteases, but this will cause stomach pain and indigestion for people with weak digestive abilities.Therefore, such people try to avoid considering a large amount of high -protein foods in an empty stomach.


Gastroesophageal reflux or excessive gastric acid

For people with excessive gastrointestinal reflux and gastric acid, too high -protein foods are taken at one time in an empty stomach, which can easily cause discomfort.At the same time, such people should also avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach, eating sweets, eating rice dumplings, drinking sour soup, and eating sour fruits.

Whether you can eat certain foods on an empty stomach, different from person to person, don’t blindly listen to rumors, and understand the truth.

At the same time, pay attention to diversity when choosing foods, and try to avoid the same food with the same time at one time, so as not to eat.

Data/Municipal Health Commission

Source: Hangzhou Published

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