How much do you know about pregnancy?The 4th pregnancy month in the second trimester (13 ~ 16 weeks)

During the 4th month of pregnancy (13 ~ 16 weeks), do you feel full of energy, the amount of rice is increasing, and the abdomen has quickly bulged?Congratulations, your early pregnancy response has gradually reduced or even happily bid farewell to the nausea and vomiting in the first three months.

The golden time during pregnancy began!

Pregnant mothers and fetal baby will change greatly at this time:

1. Character change:

A. With the reduction of early pregnancy reactions, increased appetite, and bulging in the abdomen, you need to be more loose.Such as maternity costumes.

B. The color of your facial skin may become dull, and the color of the nipple and areola may also become darker.(Generally, what changes in your mother during pregnancy, the daughter is likely to be the same. You may wish to consult your mother.)

2. Emotional changes:

This is the most exciting stage in the second trimester, because some pregnant mothers will feel that the baby is moving, which is definitely an unforgettable moment!

A. When the fetal movement is often felt, pregnant mothers will be very excited and happy. If you are not sure if it is fetal movement or gastrointestinal motility, in the next few weeks, this feeling will become more intense, and you will not have any questions.It’s right.Many pregnant mothers often have to feel the fetal movement strongly in the fifth pregnancy month or later.

B. If you are at work, deal with your work and interpersonal relationships.Reduce some unnecessary distress!

c · If you are worried that you know very little about pregnancy, then participate in some hospitals’ prenatal counseling courses or online pregnancy health courses, and look at more articles.Help you reduce your anxiety and panic during pregnancy!

1. The development of baby baby

A. Some fetal baby will hear the heartbeat of the pregnant mother and the sound of the digestive system at the end of the fourth pregnancy month (most of the baby can only hear the fifth pregnancy month).Because the baby’s ears are developing, the thin cartilage of the ears is hardening.

Although the baby is still very small, his movements are already agile.He can stretch and bend his limbs and fingers, and he will kick in amniotic fluid and will turn his head.

C. Some babies have developed and forming the external reproductive organs at the end of the fourth pregnancy. If you do ultrasound at this time, you will know the baby’s gender (this depends on the location of the baby in the uterus).But we have to love whether it is male or female. It is better to wait until the day when the production is produced?

D. If you are pregnant with twins, you can do an ultrasound check to confirm.Pregnant mothers who are pregnant are often "huge" than ordinary pregnant mothers.

1. Maternity costumes (mainly belly pants).Maternity costumes don’t need to be expensive, after all, they can’t wear it long after all.If you are a professional woman, you can buy one or two good maternity costumes.Now some tops are relatively loose. In fact, you like it yourself comfortably, but you must buy pregnant women’s pants, which is the belly pants. This is very important.

2. Underwear.In the middle of pregnancy, the bust is constantly changing. You can buy supportive bras. Do not buy too much, because you will change the size several times during pregnancy.Remember to choose cotton bras with a little cup and wider shoulder bandwidth.You need to choose cotton -stretched underwear (look at your own choice high and low waist).

3. Constipation.Taking fresh fruits and all -buying valley as a meal can help alleviate constipation during pregnancy.

4. Sexual life.The baby will not be harmed under the protection of amniotic fluid.But if you have bleeding before, have a history of abortion or premature birth, you must avoid sexual life during pregnancy.

It’s now in the middle of pregnancy, come on!You are the best mom!Your baby is also very healthy!

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