How much do you know about the four behaviors of dog breeding?

The estrus of the dog is in the spring and autumn seasons, so do you understand the mating method of dogs?In fact, there are four kinds of dog breeding behaviors. How much do you know?

1. Matching the dog naturally mating naturally, which is naturally performed, and it is also the most common way. The damage to the dog is the least. If it is not disturbed, it can usually be pregnant.,The consequences could be disastrous.

2. Forcibly reproduction of dogs, that is, forced behavior will cause certain harm to the dog, and the dogs are not voluntary, it is simply "strong dogs."

3. Putting artificial assistance to the dogs, it is necessary to help, for dogs with different sizes, and another situation is to use dogs with no reproduction experience.

4. There is also the last way to reproduce, that is, artificial insemination, because some dogs are difficult to get pregnant now. For these dogs, of course, professional technology and equipment are required to help reproduce the offspring. It is usually used in large dog fields.Because the price is also expensive!

If the owner does not want his own dog to appear "accidental pregnancy" or breeding offspring, you can choose to sterilize the dog. Generally, the dog’s sterilization time is about 6 months of male dogs and the bitch for 8 months. The owner can consider it carefully.Essence

1. The owner needs to appease the dog in time

In fact, the mood of dogs after sterilization is generally low, and may not accept the facts, so the owner needs to appease in time to avoid causing psychological unhealthy.The owner can interact with the dog, divert the dog’s attention, and can also reward the dog’s favorite snacks. After all, they are very magical!

2. Take care of your body after sterilization and pay attention to your diet

In fact, after the dogs are sterilized, they may not want to eat dog food, because after all, they are "sterilized" and lost their ability. The dog will be sad, but as the owner, you must also take care of it.Successive nutrition, feeding a nutritious dog food, so that the dog eats nutritious and healthy!

Conclusion: How many mating methods do you know about these 4 mating methods?

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