How much is abortion damage for the first pregnancy?These aspects have exceeded imagination, don’t take it seriously

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It wasn’t long before her girlfriend was married, but she was pregnant unexpectedly. At that time, she and her husband were not ready for children, so she chose the flow of people.Now girlfriends they are preparing to have children, but they can’t be pregnant. They went to the hospital to check the doctor and said that it was because the girlfriend was pregnant for the first time, and the physical damage was more harmful.

For women for the first time, I have a flow of people, and the damage is actually very great, especially in these aspects.

It is recommended that women must be better to themselves. When they are not prepared for children, they need to be extra cautious, otherwise those who hurt themselves are themselves.

When you are preparing for your baby in the future, you may not be pregnant

This impact is very common in life, just like girlfriends. There are no major inspections in all aspects, but they ca n’t conceive their baby because they have a flow of abortion for the first pregnancy and cause great harm to the body.After women are pregnant, they must be cautious if they want to have a miscarriage.Especially for the first time, you must pay more attention. If you are really forced, you must have a miscarriage. Then you have to go to a regular hospital. After you have a flow of people, you must rest and raise your body to minimize the damage in all aspects.

It is easy to cause habitual abortion

Another injury to women is the first time to get pregnant. Another damage to women may cause habitual abortion.Some women didn’t take long after pregnancy, they always aborted because of a small matter, probably because of the first pregnancy.

This is because the first pregnancy is abortion, which will cause damage to women’s uterus and other organs. Some women do not pay attention. After the abortion, it is not easy to rest. This can be said to be very big.EssenceThe most common manifestation is that it will be habitually abortion when you want your child, and it will become difficult when you want your child.

Various gynecological diseases will also be stimulated

An impact that will cause abortion for the first time will cause women to suffer from various gynecological diseases.It is easy to cause female private infections, or cause women to suffer from gynecological inflammation such as endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease.It can also cause hormone secretion in women’s body, which will make women’s temper very irritable, depressed, and low.

Other women, after the first pregnancy, the physical fitness will also become poor. In the future, when menstruation, menstruation time will become irregular, and there will be some other complications.

Can’t get pregnant again within half a year after the flow of people

After the flow of people, under normal circumstances, women’s bodies must recover for more than 6 months before they can get pregnant again.Therefore, if you are not ready, or you ca n’t accept this, you must be cautious when you are flowing.Otherwise, the injured is yourself.

For women, it is a big thing to be able to have children. Other women who have caused life infertility because of their abortion. It can be said that these harms are all lifetime, so women must cherish themselves.


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