How much is the chance of pregnancy?

We know that in the "bed movement", shooting Xiaoxian into a woman’s body is a direct cause of women’s pregnancy. Therefore, some people think that as long as I do not shoot sperm into the body, can I not avoid pregnancy if I do n’t take an extra -body shooting.Intersection

What is the chance of a man who does not wear a sleeve?

There is no sleeve in the same room. If it is in the safe period, the chance of pregnancy is generally not high, because there is no normal egg excretion.However, if you are pregnant before and after ovulation, there will be a prostate fluid into the vagina if you shoot, and there is a small amount of semen in the prostate fluid. As long as there are sperm entering the uterus, there is a possibility of pregnancy, the probability is about 10%.

There are also some men who have no way to control it at all when ejaculation, so it is possible to flow into the vagina before taking out the penis. At this time, the chance of accidental pregnancy will be higher.

Men often exhaust ejaculation, which may bring 3 "sequelae", might as well change the way of contraceptive!

1. Functional ejaculation disorders: After the male penis is erected, from epididymal to the vascular vascular, seminal vesicles, prostate, ejaculation pipes, etc., and finally the urethra will produce strongly and cannot shrink themselves.

At the same time, the sphincter in the bladder is automatically closed, causing the semen to discharge the body through the urethra. When ejaculating, if it is extracted from the vagina too late, the wife will conceive, and prematurely, the two sides often fail to enjoy it, and even repeat the insertion to achieve the purpose of ejaculation.

This kind of forcibly suppress ejaculation, if it goes on for a long time, the functional disorders of the central nervous and lumbosacral ejaculation center will occur, causing cannot ejaculate, or cannot ejaculate in the vagina.

2. Sexual nervous weakness: Husband and wife have adopted in vitro exclusion contraceptives for a long time.Because of always lingering and afraid of accidents, the two sides have a heavy ideological burden. You can have neurasthenia and other neurasthenia symptoms such as back pain, proneness, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, headache.

3. Subject to sexual function: Men’s sexual excitement is under the control of the erectile nerve center of the central nervous and lumbosacral region, causing penile erections, but the erection in the early stage of excitement is not sufficient, and it is vulnerable to external interference or emotional changes.

The in vitro exclusion method will interfere with the normal erection of the penis, and it is repeated, which directly affects the normal erection function of the penis, which causes the penis to erected or erected in the state of sexual desire;

However, the functional reduction of the functional dysfunction is premature, and the functional decline increases the mental burden, resulting in a vicious circle, which eventually leads to infertility.

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