How much is the value of progesterone that affect transplantation?

Some netizens asked: Can’t progesterone be transplanted when progesterone is high?

Welon is a progesterone produced by luteal in women in the later period of women, which is mainly produced by particle cells. It can be monitored by checking blood in the body.

Wells of progesterone during ovulation mainly come from the ovaries.Its main role is to change the endometrium from the proliferation period to the secretion period, which is conducive to embryo bed.The serum progesterone level during pregnancy increased stablely during pregnancy.Ovarian luteal can produce progesterone within six weeks of pregnancy, and progesterone is usually played on the basis of estrogen.In the early stages of pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone is produced in pregnancy, while in the late pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone is generated by nourishing cells, which provides support and guarantee for the early growth and development of the fetus to maintain the pregnancy.

At the same time, the uterus is in a static state before childbirth to prevent the uterus from shrinking and miscarriage.Welonone can also promote the secretion of breast glands and prepare for lactation. Non -pregnancy fluctuates that the progesterone content changes with the menstrual cycle.Gradually decrease to the follicle period.

The early increase of progesterone during ovulation promoting IVF is related to the secretion of hypothalamic pituitary gland. The endometrium enters the secretion period in advance after the elevated progesterone is rising. It is not suitable for embryo bed.The membrane has an impact. In the process of preparing for pregnancy, every link is not good, which affects successful pregnancy.

If the embryo is transplanted when the progesterone is too high, the survival rate of the embryo will be relatively low, and most of them will end in failure.Even if the temporary transplantation is successful, the chance of miscarriage is relatively high.

Generally, there are two computing units, including NG/ML and NMOL/L. Ng/ml are more common.The conversion method between these two units is: 1ng/ml is about 3.12Nmol/ml, that is, ng/ml × 3.12 to get NMOL/L.

When doing test tube transplants, the progesterone exceeds about 2ng/ml, and it is generally not transplanted.You can control progesterone through drugs and other methods to reduce it to a certain value. After detailed examination, embryo transplantation is performed under the guidance of a doctor.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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