How old is the fetus for five months?How to deal with pain during pregnancy

The baby is about 14-16.5 cm in length, weighs about 250 grams, the limbs have developed well, and their hair grows rapidly.During this period, the fetus’s growth was amazing, and the size of the head was like an egg; the skin gradually showed beautiful red, and the subcutaneous fat began to precipitate, and gradually became opaque.

Now the baby often drinks amniotic fluid to absorb nutrients, breathe and urine in amniotic fluid. Don’t worry about the staining of the baby’s urine by the baby’s urine, and amniotic fluid will be updated every 3 hours.The baby’s body is covered with a layer of white, slippery tire fat, and the slippery tire fat can protect the baby’s skin of the baby for a long time.

The eyebrows and eyelids are also fully mature. Although the eyelids are closed, the eyes are very active and can be moved. From the 20th week, the fetal retinum has gradually formed, and the light began to induced light. He does not like the stimulus of strong light.Taste buds are also forming. Immunoral antibodies are transmitted to the fetus via the mother’s blood. In the months after the fetus is born, immune antibodies can help infants resist disease.

At 20 weeks, the cerebral cortex structure is formed, the fetal movement capacity is enhanced, and the sense of smell and taste are beginning to develop; now the fetus can be wake up as the first child.When he falls asleep, he will put on a unique sleeping posture, some put your chin on his chest, and some lean your head backwards.

The fetus can already do some small movements, such as holding each other in front of the face, grabbing, jumping movements, kicking movements, occasionally kicking to the uterine wall, frequently changed the body posture in the amniotic fluid cavity.Eye exercise is very clear and obvious. It will also shake his head and stroke your face from time to time. He touchs his lips with his fingers to produce a tensor reflex movement. It gradually turns from the reflection action to natural movements. Perhaps breathing, maybe not breathing.

Sometimes the fetus will continue to exercise and do some rolling movements.Even the baby’s exercise is too severe, making you unable to sleep at night.The fetal movement of the fetus at 20-30 weeks will be very frequent until the baby in the late pregnancy is full of your uterus.


The reaction of pregnancy and joy is over, and the physical and mental period has entered a stable period.For many pregnant mothers, this stage of pregnancy is the easiest, most energetic, and strong appetite. From now on, it is expected to increase an average of about 0.45 kg per week.

Due to the crowded in the quilt of the heart, sometimes it feels like the stomach digestion and the food cannot be digested after meals; at this time, the fetus is most likely to absorb the nutrition of the mother’s body, and it is also the most likely to suffer from anemia in the mother’s body.

Due to the continuous increase of the uterus every day, the abdomen is squeezed out, causing the stomach to swell outward, compress the pelvic vein, and cause


The blood flow of the lower limbs is not smooth, and it is easy to cause edema of legs, feet and inner, and outer anoples. Especially in the afternoon and evening edema, it worsen, and it is slightly soothing in the morning.

The relative uterus also squeezes the gastrointestinal, affects the motility of the gastrointestinal, and often feels bloating and constipation.Therefore, you should pay attention to eating more high -fiber foods to avoid being too greasy.

Third production inspection

For the third check -up, detailed ultrasound examination is mainly to see if there is a big problem in the development of the fetus.Doctors will carefully measure the fetal fence, abdominal circumference, see the length of the thighs, and check whether the spine is congenital abnormal.

During pregnancy, be careful of pregnancy hypertension. The hypertension of pregnancy accounts for about 7 %of pregnancy. It is the most common pregnancy disease. It is extremely potential for pregnant women and fetuses.The output of fetus and placenta is the knowledge that expectant mothers and dads need to understand.

Ask the doctor’s question:

1. Is the size, weight and development of the fetus normal?

2. From the perspective of ultrasound, when is the due date?

3. Is my weight gain normal?Will it be too much?

4. Do I need to check blood sugar?

Mother expectant mothers can easily suffer from hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be prevented. As long as you persist in daily diet during pregnancy, pay attention to eating more fiber foods to improve gastrointestinal digestive ability, you can reduce the possibility of hemorrhoids.

With the growth of the baby’s baby, the abdomen of expectant mothers is large, and various nutrients need to increase. However, at this time, the stomach is squeezed and the capacity is reduced. You should choose foods with small size and high nutritional value.

Specific mothers should eat less and eat less, and can be divided into 5-6 meals required for the whole day. They can arrange meals between two meals to supplement food and nutrition that need to be added during pregnancy. In addition, when the body lacks some kind of nutrition,Can be supplemented in meals.

Varicose veins

Pregnant mommy during pregnancy is due to changes in hormones in the body, fetal compression of blood vessels, and excessive growth during pregnancy.The vein pressure rises, of course, the veins of the song will become more and more obvious.

Especially in the late pregnancy, due to the increased pressure of the abdominal and obstruction of the venous return, it is easy to produce the venous veins of the lower limbs.In addition, there are a few varicose veins inheritance.

Copy tricks:

Generally, varicose veins do not need to be treated, and they can disappear slowly after giving birth, and will not have any impact on pregnant mummy and fetus.

But pregnant mothers can take some methods to help the blood circulation to slow down the discomfort:

● From time to time to raise your legs and relax;

● You can gently turn the ankle and two feet;

● Perform mild exercises every day and take a walk near home;

● When you sleep, remember to raise your legs;

● Be careful not to lift heavy objects;

● Control weight within a certain range, that is, the weight gain throughout pregnancy is more appropriate;

● Try to avoid standing and sitting, because long -term posture will cause the pregnant mommy’s venous blood vessels to block and prevent blood from returning.

If pregnant mothers still have varicose veins 6 months after production, they need to be treated.

Don’t sleep with a soft mattress

Premium mothers are better not to sleep in the softer mattress in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.After 5 months of pregnancy, the uterus has increased rapidly, and the increased uterus will have different impacts due to different sleep pose.

The spine is larger than the normal waist anterior song. When the sleeping bed is lying on his back, it is easy to cause the abdominal aortic, abdominal vein and ureter to be crushed, affecting the health of expectant mothers and fetal baby.

Pay attention to the seat belt

You may feel uncomfortable when you drive your vehicle or sit in the car.You need to adjust the seat belt of the thigh, try not to compress your stomach, so comfortable and safe, on your abdomen and the lower side of the hips, you also tie the shoulder seat belt.Once a car accident occurs, if you are properly fixed, you and your unborn children will be much safer.

The seat belt does not hurt children, because the uterus can protect the fetus inside your body.The expectant mothers who are riding a motorcycle also have to say goodbye to the motorcycle temporarily. Suddenly the sudden brakes may be pressed to the baby, or the expectant mothers are frightened.It will make expectant mothers may have a premature birth. When going out, start to replace it. When the weather is overheated, and the ultraviolet rays are too strong, expectant mothers should not go out for the time being.

It is impossible to ask for every pregnant woman to speak as beautiful as poetry, but pregnant women should ask themselves to speak and be angry, humble, and gentle; when they are in contact with others, they do not speak rough and swear words; when they are arguing with others, they do not hurt people.Doing this is good for your good mood.

In daily life, the behavior should be stable and generous, and the beauty of healthy instrumentation must be maintained, which is beneficial to cultivating the delicate and beautiful temperament of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women should not only pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy, protect their health, but also strengthen their cultivation to make themselves a qualified mother.

To prevent back pain, if you want to mention things, you should not be too heavy, and then use your leg power instead of waist power.Bend your knees, keep your back straight, grab the objects, and stretch your legs straight up.If you can develop the habit of acting with your legs, you can protect your back without being injured or sprained even if you are not pregnant.

Do not carry things on your arms. The weight on the arm will only increase the weight other than the front of the body. You should put the things below the sides of the body. You can also use a luggage car or other hand carts.When sitting down, raise your legs, or put your feet on the pedal, and bend your legs.

Avoid standing for a long time. If you have to stand for a while, then raise one foot on the pedal when you stand.

Pregnant women with 5 months of pregnancy can be applied to use: The United States is called the "Belly Belly Game" prenatal education method.Its posture is the same.

When the fetus kicks the belly, the mother can pat the kick gently, and then wait for the second time to kick the belly.Generally, after 1 to 2 minutes, the fetus will kick again, then take a few more times, and then stop.

If the place you take is changed, the fetus will change to you where you change, and pay attention to the position of the change from the original kick.

Main nutrients: vitamin D, calcium

Role: Promote the development of bones and teeth of fetal baby

In the fifth month of pregnant mothers, the bones and teeth of the baby’s bones grew particularly fast. It was a period of rapid calcification and the demand for calcium was simply a dramatic increase.Therefore, from this month, milk, maternity milk powder or germinated is the essential calcium supplement drink for expectant mothers every day.

In addition, you should eat the following foods that are easy to obtain calcium, such as dried cheese, tofu, eggs or duck eggs, shrimp, fish, kelp, etc.In addition, expectant mothers should take calcium daily.It should be noted that calcium supplements run through the whole pregnancy.

Of course, simply calcium supplementation is not enough. Vitamin D can promote the effective absorption of calcium. Pregnant mothers should eat more fish and eggs. In addition, the sun can also create vitamin D. Pregnant mothers can expose the sun appropriately, but first of allSun protection work.

About 5 months of pregnancy is the period when the fetus grows is the fastest. The most demand for nutrition is the greatest. The ancients specifically proposed to eat nutrients such as mutton and beef.Generally speaking, 1 to 2 eggs should be eaten every day; 50 ~ 100 grams of lean meat; 100 ~ 150 grams of soybean products; 500 grams of vegetables.If you can eat DHA, fish and fresh fruits often, kelp, laver, sea rice, shrimp skin and other seafood, sesame, peanuts, walnuts and other nuts are especially good for pregnant women.

For your baby’s smart and healthy, to maintain good emotions for your wife, the prospective dad now has to choose prenatal education music for his wife and read more information about websites related to pregnancy.The songs are as diverse as possible.

In addition, the prospective dad uses your magnetic voice to gently hum some songs for the fetal baby, which will promote your baby’s healthy growth, or talk more to the baby, so that your baby can start to be familiar withDad’s voice, which increases the relationship between father and children.

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