How should pregnant women prevent mosquito bite in summer? Is mosquito coils harmful to pregnant women?

Is mosquito coils harmful to pregnant women?

A mosquito repellent, the cigarettes emitted after litting the drugs can drive away mosquitoes or smoked mosquitoes.There are very long history of mosquito coils in my country.The burning smoke of mosquito coils contains 4 types of harmful substances to the human body. Pay attention to use.

The effective ingredients of most mosquito coils are insecticides, as well as organic fillers, adhesives, dyes, and other additives. The burning smoke of mosquito coils contains many harmful substances to the human body, which may induce asthma and other diseases.

According to estimates, the amount of particles released by a roll of mosquito coils and the amount of cigarettes of about 100 cigarettes are roughly the same. The release of ultra -fine particles can enter and stay in the lungs. In the short term, it may cause asthma, and it may cause cancer in the long run.Secondly, the carcinogenic substances caused by incomplete combustion of mosquito coils, and some compounds that stimulate the upper respiratory tract, these substances can poison the nervous system.

Experts said that the main component of mosquito coils is chrysanthemum, which is actually a kind of pesticide. Like disk -type mosquito coils, it will be ignited. When burning, it will produce some particles, which will affect the respiratory tract.Often the pesticide content exceeds the standard, and the ingredients are more complicated, which will cause organic phosphorus poisoning in the human body. Some unscrupulous people will add some dichlorvos, or organic phosphorus such as organic phosphorus illegal. Under the absorption of the respiratory tract, it will cause organic phosphorus poisoning, coma, consciousness disorders, consciousness disorders, consciousness, consciousness disorder.It has a paralysis effect on the neural center.

Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to use mosquito coils or other chemicals, because organic pollutants in chemicals such as mosquito coils may affect the intellectual development of the fetus and easily cause obstacles to the brain nervous system.

Many pregnant women were bitten by mosquitoes, mainly because the pregnant woman was 21%greater than other women after pregnancy. The humid gas that exhaled was quite attractive to mosquito.Secondly, the abdomen temperature of pregnant women is high compared to other women. There are many volatile substances emitted on the skin surface, and it is easy to be smelled by mosquitoes and become a bite target.

The best way to prevent mosquitoes in pregnant women is to use mosquito nets. If mosquito bite is really powerful, it can be appropriately supplemented with a little vitamin B.In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables can reduce the red and swollen response after being bitten.

Anti -mosquito, mosquito repellent method:

1. Do not place the accumulated water in the home container too long. If you find mosquito larvae, you should hot with boiling water.

2. Do not throw the eggshells and the shape of a container shape. It is best to use the type of lid.

3. Pay attention to the floor drain and sewage pipeline in the bottom floor.

4. Mosquito likes to fly in a relatively dark place. Wearing dark clothes can easily attract mosquito bites.

5. Mosquito likes to stop at the window sill before dusk. After the night, they like to stop on objects with darker surfaces in the room. Pat the mosquitoes according to this law.

6. The community property should check the drainage system, and the conditions must be transformed into a dark canal. The drainage outlet is set with a mosquito -proof door. If there is no condition, you should clear the sewer daily.All kinds of potholes, dead ponds, etc. should be filled, and those who fail to be filled should be regularly applied.

7. Family aquatic plants should be changed regularly.

8. If you want to go away, you must cover the lid of the toilet to prevent mosquito spawning.

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