How terrible people are poor?The 17 -year -old teenager made dozens of women pregnant and sold infants cheaply

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In a suburban slum in Nigeria, the police arrested a 17 -year -old boy and more than 10 women.

It is reported that the teenager has made more than 10 women pregnant with his own power.When the teenager was about to take money to run the road, the police suddenly arrived and arrested him.

What this teenager does, in our opinion, is extremely crazy, making people think that this person must be crazy.

However, this kind of thing is not unusual in Nigeria, and it can even be said that this kind of thing is no strange to the local people.

Let’s take a look at the incredible things of Nigeria’s people to poverty.

Similar to the beginning, it is not fresh in Nigeria.

Because there is a different occupation in Nigeria- "sowing machine", and the 17 -year -old boy is one of them.

This kind of career, as the name suggests, is to allow women to give birth to a child after pregnancy, and then men can get some commissions. After all, their strength cannot be wasted.

According to Nigeria’s population data survey, Nigeria’s overall strength is a medium -sized country, and it has a population of more than 200 million.

And these 2000 dollars are naturally not enough for Nigeria’s daily expenses. Therefore, in order to survive normally, the people of Nigeria came up with many crooked doors, including those who betrayed their bodies and stolen …

And these small things are not worth mentioning at all. To say that the money compensation is high, and the things that do not need to do so are "population trafficking".

According to the local people, Nigeria has many uncomfortable "baby factories", and they will let men come to the factory to have a relationship with women.If you learn that the girl is pregnant, the person in charge of the factory will arrange the girl to other places to wait for the child’s birth.

In this process, women are just machines to be given birth, and men are just seeding tools.

In fact, the "baby factory" industry is not only in Nigeria, but it is a problem faced by all countries with excess population.

And Nigeria is just a representative epitome.

However, this phenomenon is indeed the most rampant in this country.

Once, the relevant departments also reported on the "baby factory" documentary related to Nigeria.

According to the protagonist in the documentary, we know that most of them are clinics or love institutions on the outside.

But whenever the girl who was pregnant unexpectedly came to ask for help, they would show the devil’s teeth.

Because Nigeria is a very religious country, girls who are not married before marriage will be regarded as "dirty", so whenever a girl is not married, not only will her family out of her house, but the girl alsoCan’t get the help of anyone.

Not only that, in Nigeria, girls’ abortion is illegal.

Therefore, girls who have no choice can only go to these institutions to give birth to their children.The prototypes of these "love institutions" and "clinics" are "baby factories".

After entering the institution, the girl’s personal freedom will be completely controlled by these people. Their only purpose is to let the girl give birth to the child.

Only in this way can they get paid.

At the beginning, these institutions will use various means to coax girls to give birth to their children, and tell them that since the child is waiting for the child, you can bring the child to a good life.

But is this really the case?

If this is really the case, you can underestimate these "baby factories".

The truth is often waiting for the girl to give the children the moment they give birth, these institutions will change the law with the girl, what water and electricity costs, labor costs, or something.

In the end, girls who are not scattered can only take the newborn children to debt. If they are better, the person in charge of the "baby factory" may also give those girls for $ 100.200.

And those girls were thin and dare not compete with them. In the end, they could only cry silently.

And if you just lose your children, it is just lucky for these girls. Many more terrible baby factories will be taken away.It will also forcibly let girls stay in the factory and serve as production tools.

It is understood that the price of the child is uneven at Nigeria. They will separate the child’s weight to determine the price. The price with a slightly heavy weight is relatively high, and the price of light weight is relatively low.It will be lower.

Some of those newborn children will be sold for traffickers, and the other part will be sold to couples who cannot have children.

So, the question returns to the essence, why did Nigeria do such a thing?What is the reason behind?

In recent years, more and more people have been sold in Nigeria. A large part of them have been sold to African countries or other regions for hard work.

Moreover, we need to know that Nigeria is not an inconspicuous country in Africa. On the contrary, it is a large population country in Africa. It stands to reason that the crazy growth of the population is actually a good thing, because only the population growth can explain that there is a dividend.

But unfortunately, due to the explosive growth of Nigeria, it also led to a serious social crisis.

That is, the national development cannot keep up with the speed of giving birth, which has led to the people who are more and more poor, and the poorer are.Finally, the economy declined.

Therefore, in such a vicious circle of competition, manpower has become the most worthless thing, which directly leads to tens of millions of people facing problems without work.

And this also includes many women. When there is no job, people always survive. For women who have become problems in survival, they have to use their "belly" to survive.

At this time, some people will have doubts: "In the face of such a phenomenon, is no one in charge of the local government?"

But it is a pity to tell you that the government does not care, but there is no way to manage it.

Because in Nigeria, 10 million people have rely on this industry chain to survive. If you break directly, how can tens of millions of people go from the government’s headache.

Moreover, most of these people are young people. If they monopolize their work, no one feels what these people can do. In this way, these people will become the most unstable factor in society.

Therefore, in order to continue to maintain the existing order, the local government is silent, and in addition, the government can receive the rebate of these "baby factories".

In this way, it can not only increase the revenue of the state treasury, but also maintain the local order. How can you not be happy?

Of course, compared to the dividends of the government and the "baby factory", others are much more pitiful.

That is the women in Nigeria. Many of these women are farmers or hardships from poverty, and they have not received much education themselves.They only know that what can make money is "good job"

Therefore, when the woman grows up, facing the saturation of all walks of life, she can only devote themselves to this work.

Most of these women 20-30 years old, once they step into this industry, are facing their receptions and conceptions day after day.

And after pregnancy, their lives are not very good. After pregnancy, the living standards of these women will not be improved due to pregnancy. On the contrary, even food that improves nutrition every day will not be improved.

A girl who had been engaged in this kind of work said: "She was already sold to her baby factory by her family when she was an adult, where she needed to receive about 10 people every day, and they would let herself rest until she was pregnant."

When the baby was born, the person in charge was even unwilling to let the girls seize the child at a glance to sell the children all over the world.

There are countless people with experiences like girls. They live in the deep water every day. This is also a great sorrow of them.

The main reason is two words -no money!

Imagine that if it wasn’t for no money, how could it be reduced to a trafficker as a mother. If it wasn’t for life, who could engage in this industry?

As the saying goes: "If you have money, you can go the world without money."

The word "money" runs through people’s life, and people just want to live a better life for this "scattered silver two".

Just like some time ago, a man was sick at work. After the examination, the doctor told him that he could not do it in the future.

Hearing this, the man did not care about his condition for the first time.

Instead, I took out my phone and dialed the wife’s phone and said in a trembling voice: "Wife, I can’t do it in the future, my wife, I’m sorry for you, I can’t work …"

Talking about the man sobbing, we knew that he was not crying for his own condition.

He understands that he can’t work in the future, and there will be no source of income at home, and his wife will suffer with himself.

And this became the last straw that crushed the camel. After all, the collapse of adults often started because of no money.

But we are different from Nigeria. Although we are also afraid of poverty, we will work hard for the future of a better life.

Indeed, we are afraid of the label of "poverty", but this kind of poverty is not only afraid of material scarce, but more worried that the losers who are regarded as the bottom of society are looked down on.

Based on this phenomenon, Chinese people are more of their energy into work, just to change this status quo.

As long as there is light in front of us, we must keep buried on the road. Starlight lives up to the passers -by, and the road under our feet will go carefully and go well.

It is precisely because Chinese people have this idea that the development of the motherland is getting faster and faster, and this kind of thing will not happen around us.

Regarding the phenomenon of Nigeria, Xiaobian only hopes that the local government can remove this tumor, raise the economy up, eliminate such things, and give people a good living environment.

Poverty is not terrible. What is terrible is that people are satisfied with the status quo and do not think for progress. Such stubborn thoughts are often buried their grave.

Finally, I hope that Nigeria girls can get rid of the constraints of personal freedom as soon as possible and gain personal freedom.

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