How terrible to dental disease during pregnancy?Why is it likely to have dental caries during pregnancy?

Before planning to get pregnant, childcare women are advised to conduct comprehensive oral examinations and actively treat existing oral diseases.Do not get pregnant with dental disease, because pregnant women have increased number of times after pregnancy, and like sweets, it is easy to cause the accumulation of plaque in the plaque. In addition, the level of hormones in the body can increase the chronic inflammation of the original gums.Gingivitis and oral inflammation during pregnancy can cause bacteriocobacteria through blood transmission and placental infection, and premature birth and low -weight fetuses occur.

Look at the appropriate period of dental after pregnancy

It is possible to make simple replenishment and washing teeth during pregnancy.However, due to the early pregnancy reaction of the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to vomiting, and tension and anxiety are prone to occur when treating dental diseases. At this time, treatment may induce abortion.Three months after pregnancy, pregnant women have a heavy physical state and inconvenient movement. Lying on a dental chair will feel uncomfortable, and avoid treatment at this stage.The most suitable period for pregnant women to receive oral therapy is the second trimester, that is, at 4 to 6 months of pregnancy.Before the treatment, you should take the initiative to tell your doctor his own situation and pregnancy weeks so that doctors can choose the best treatment plan.

Why are gingivitis easily develop during pregnancy?

Due to the great changes in endocrine during pregnancy, the luteal ketone content in the blood increases significantly, which can cause hormone level disorders, weaken the capillary elasticity of the gums, increase vascular permeability, cause inflammatory cells and liquid exudate in the gums to exudes the amount of inflammatory cells and liquid exudateIncrease, it is easy to bleed.Gingivitis often occurs in 2 to 4 months of pregnancy, reaches its peak in the middle of pregnancy, and gradually disappears after childbirth.Therefore, before pregnancy, actively treat oral diseases, brush your teeth correctly and use dental floss to keep the periodontal tissue healthy.

Why is it likely to have dental caries during pregnancy?

Due to early pregnancy reactions after pregnancy, brushing teeth can easily cause vomiting. Pregnant mothers have reduced oral hygiene requirements. At the same time, increased eating after pregnancy, daring -like food and other changes in oral acid alkali, resulting in dehydration of teeth, and prone to increase caries or dental caries.Therefore, pregnant women should actively check and treat dental caries before pregnancy, and do not get pregnant with dental disease.

Why is it easy to suffer from wisdom tooth crowns during pregnancy?

Due to the obstacles of the jaw and other teeth, the wisdom teeth cannot be completely sprouting and covered by the gums. There is a deeper gap between the obstruction of the wisdom teeth.Therefore, oral conditions should be performed before pregnancy to understand the development of wisdom teeth. If you have any problems, actively treat it.

Pregnant women suffer from periodontal diseases such as swollen gums and bleeding

What is the impact on the fetus?

During the periodontal disease, bacteria can enter the blood and enter the body with the blood circulation. The lurking time can threaten the health of pregnant women. Bacteria can enter the fetus from the placenta through the mother.Obstacles, increase the risk of premature birth and low weight.

There are many dental caries in pregnant women

Is the chance of increasing dental caries on generations?

If the pregnant mothers have a lot of dental caries and are not treated in time, when the baby is intimate with her mother after birth, the caries bacteria in the mother’s mouth will spread to the baby. In the future, the baby will greatly increase the chance of suffering from dental caries.

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