How the ancients were pregnant, Europeans were very heavy, and China was the simplest and effective!

Today’s development of science and technology has brought us a lot of convenience. In ancient times, people may be very headache. Now they can easily solve them. For example, women check if they are pregnant, only a simple tool, but it is enough, but it can beIn ancient times, this incident was very troublesome, and each country had different cultural differences.

As we all know, Egypt is also an ancient civilized country. So how does women in their country conduct pregnancy testing?As early as 1,300 years ago, the Egyptians used a very simple way at that time, that is, first take out a barley and wheat, and then the woman uses urine on these two wheat.The germination status proves that she is pregnant. This method sounds very absurd, but in fact, in the current scientist research, the accuracy rate is still very high.

The urine of a pregnant woman contains very high estrogen, and this hormone may make the unbagent wheat and barley germinated. Of course, this chance is not 100 %, but the accurate chance is still a bit reliable.

European people sound a bit heavy. Doctors will observe women’s urine color. Through various symptoms, it is determined whether women are pregnant. Some doctors even make behaviors of themselves.Gallowing up, I have to say that these ancient European doctors are really hard enough. I don’t know if they will vomit blood after learning about the Chinese pregnancy test.

Our ancient Chinese pregnancy test method is very simple, that is, through the pulse of traditional Chinese medicine, this is well reflected in many ancient TV series. In ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine was used as the only means to treat people’s diseases.The pulse of women’s pregnancy will be very different from the usual women’s pulse, but this pulse will change a lot. A traditional Chinese medicine with rich experience will judge very accurate., Let’s say nothing.

In addition to these methods, there are several civilian methods, such as vomiting, friends who have experienced or have watched TV series, will know that women during pregnancy usually vomit from time to time. If abnormal vomiting occursThe signs of the signs, there is another month of a woman. If a woman finds that she hasn’t come to a month for a long time, then this is likely to be the symptoms of pregnancy. Of course, these methods have many special circumstances, and it is easyA joy is the most accurate for people now. If you are not convinced, do a test to ensure that it is foolproof!

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