How to alleviate spring dreams during pregnancy?4 methods tell you

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"Help Mom, tell you a thing that is difficult to open up today. After pregnancy, I found that I will have a spring dream at night. Alas, I don’t know what happened. In dreams, I will feel excited.After that, I feel that my stomach is hard and tight, and I can clearly feel frequent fetal movements. I want to know what is going on, will it affect my baby? "

The thing this pregnant mother told me is not an example, and she has received such problems before helping my mother.Here, help your mother come and talk to everyone.Why do spring dreams frequently occur during pregnancy?

In fact, the main reason is the accumulation of hormones.During pregnancy, it is not that sex hormones are gone.At the same time, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are very complete for all kinds of nutrition, and their bodies are very healthy.In addition, during this period, most couples also choose to control the same room to ensure the health of their children.Although it is said that the attention of the pregnant mothers’ husband is not on this, and it will not be stretched out of the pregnant mother. However, due to the surge in estrogen in pregnant women, it will cause the body to be particularly sensitive.It will also cause the occurrence of spring dreams.

As the saying goes, I think about it every day, and dream of night.In other words, during pregnancy, the usual sexual consciousness of pregnant mothers was suppressed by themselves, and when they dreamed at night, they would be unconsciously presented.

So, what harm will it cause to the baby if you do spring dreams during pregnancy?

If you do spring dreams during pregnancy, it will indeed have a certain harm to the baby.Because in the spring dream, sometimes orgasm occurs.At this time, a large number of prostaglandins will be released.And this kind of thing is a strong contraction agent.After appetizing the uterus, it will be manifested as abdominal pain, stomach and tight.It is even said that some pregnant mothers will bleed, more serious, and cause abortion.

Therefore, if the pregnant mothers have found a lot of secretions or flushing after the spring dream, they are also very painful at the same time.Don’t hesitate anymore at this time, go to the hospital for examination.

Listening to the help mother said, I believe that many pregnant mothers will feel some scared, but the pregnant mothers should not be nervous first. Although it is unavoidable to do spring dreams, we can still do something to reduce the frequency of spring dreams.EssenceHow can we reduce the frequency of pregnant mothers to make spring dreams?

1. In daily life, wear some loose clothes, and pay attention to maintaining emotional alleviating. Do not joy and sorrow.

2. Move your attention.Do not watch emotional film and television dramas such as love dramas, watch more children’s support information, or other music and books. This can effectively transfer the attention of pregnant mothers to their sensitive areas.

3. Specific dads, in normal times, should also comfort the pregnant mother.Use embrace, kiss, etc. to properly discharge the sexual needs of pregnant mothers.

4. Even if you have a spring dream, pregnant mothers should not feel embarrassed.You can find a chance and talk to your husband. Don’t hold this matter alone in your heart.Of course, you can also ask your doctor for help.

There is a phenomenon of spring dreams during pregnancy. This is normal. Pregnant mothers should not have too much psychological burden, and there is no shame. When I feel confused, talk to my husband.You can also choose some safe positions in the second trimester to relieve the relationship of the husband and wife, but remember, you must be moderate.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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