How to avoid premature birth, pregnant mothers must pay attention!#Pregnant mother is not easy

How to avoid premature birth, pregnant mothers must pay attention!

Premature birth means delivery after 28 weeks of pregnancy (196 ~ 258 days).At this stage, the newborn childbirth is called premature babies. The development of each organs of premature babies is not mature enough, and a variety of complications or deaths are prone to less than 2,500 grams.After 37 weeks of the gestational week, it is not a premature birth. At this time, the development of the newborn organs that have been delivered at this time has basically matured and it is easy to survive.

Why is there a premature birth?The cause of premature birth is still not clear so far. Common causes are infected with dwelling, excessive amniotic fluid, uterine bleeding, uterine malformations, incomplete cervical function, premature fetal membrane, excessive labor, and adolescent mothers. Sometimes psychological factors alsoIt will cause premature birth.

What are the signs?The main manifestation of premature birth is the contraction of the uterus. At first, it was irregular contraction. Later, the uterine contraction became more and more regular and painful. Finally, the cervix began to thinner vaginal bleeding.Premature birth will occur if you open the cervix without treatment or when you come to the hospital.Premature birth can be divided into two stages: threatened premature birth and premature birth.Breakal premature birth refers to a deflection with regular or irregularities, and the cervix can be shortened.

There are mainly these three characteristics of premature delivery:

· 1. There are rules for 20 minutes, contraction ≥ 4 or 1 hour ≥8 times.

· 2. Palace opening is 1cm or more.

3. Short the cervical length and become thinner by 80%.

Usually pregnant mothers can simply judge through the laws of contractions. As for the cervical opening and shortening cervix length, doctors need to judge how to prevent premature birth?Premature birth has a great impact on the health of the baby, because the baby is not fully developed, and the organs are not mature, and respiratory distress syndrome, hyperbilotin ledmia, necrotic small enteritis, indoor hemorrhagic arterial catheter continues to open, retinal lesions, Cerebral palsy, etc.So preventing premature birth is very important.Pay attention to the following points in daily life:

· 1. Don’t collide to stimulate the abdomen;

· 2. Don’t go to a place with a lot of people, so as not to crowded and be careful;

· 3. Proposed sexual life of husband and wife in the third trimester to avoid premature fetal membranes;

· 4. Pay attention to rest to avoid mental tension, irritability and fatigue;

· 5. Prevent and timely treatment of complications, such as pregnancy hypertension, prefix, placenta, too much amniotic fluid, etc.;

· 6. Actively treat uterine malformations and defects. For example, internally, the uterus can be corrected before pregnancy, and the cervix can be loose at 13 to 16 weeks of pregnancy.This will increase the abdominal pressure, and the abdominal pressure of the uterine can also cause premature birth.

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