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Liang Jingrong’s mother, her son Bai Bai was very attractive.When the whole family was happy and busy, Liang Jing was like dumb to eat Coptis chinensis. She had suffering. It turned out that her crotch had been painful before giving birth.EssenceSometimes I can’t sleep, and my baby can’t get up immediately.She also found that when she had a urine, she would have a little urine overflowing.In order to avoid this situation, she had to drink as little as possible before going out.

Husband who had been holding for nearly a year begged Liang Jing at night.Thinking about 8 weeks, Liang Jing no longer refused. The monkey’s husband’s husband was struggling, but Liang Jing didn’t feel the usual feeling.

After returning to the hospital to follow up, the doctor told her that she was "pelvic floor dysfunction" and suggested that she actively conduct pelvic rehabilitation treatment, otherwise the situation will become more and more serious, and surgery may be required in the future.

The pubic tail muscle and surrounding tissue support pelvic organs to ensure that the location and function of the organs are normal.Mechanical pulling such as pregnancy, childbirth, etc. will cause direct damage to the muscle of the pelvic floor. In addition, during the aging process, the governance of the pelvic muscles will be reduced, or the vascular lesions will cause insufficient blood flow.Symptoms of foundation dysfunction; if there are obesity, respiratory diseases, constipation, pelvic surgery history, etc., it will also increase the pelvic floor dysfunction.

According to statistics, within 2 months after giving birth, more than 20 % of women will have pelvic pain, and 10 % of women will continue pain after 12 months; the incidence of postpartum urinary incontinence is about 15 % to 40 %; 1 % to 5 %There are even incontinence in the stool; 1/3 of women will suffer from one or more pelvic floor dysfunction in their lives, such as decreased sexual pleasure, lack of sexual orgasm, and uterine prolapse.

Pregnancy and childbirth are important causes of pelvic floor dysfunction. The incidence of women with a history of vaginal delivery is twice as much as women who have no history of fertility or a history of caesarean section.It has an important role in improving and treatment of urine incontinence and pelvic organs. It can also treat the quality of sexual life and pelvic pain.

Generally speaking, 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth can be treated with pelvic floor dysfunction.According to the doctor’s judgment, the following methods can be selected.

For women and patients with mild symptoms in the early days of postpartum, they can recover training by themselves.

Kiger Movement

Repeatedly shrinking the tail muscle of the machine can enhance the tension of the pelvic floor muscle tissue and reduce the dysfunction of various pot foundation. Because it is easy to learn and is suitable for all women.Methods to tighten the anus, tighten less than 3 seconds each time, and then relax.Do it for 15-30 minutes in a row, and do it 2 to 3 times a day; or 150 to 200 times a day, 6 to 8 weeks for 1 course of treatment.

Whether the anal muscles are effective in contraction can be evaluated through the feelings of the two fingertips in the vagina. The fingertips are subject to side pressure to indicate that muscle contraction is effective.Through the Kiger movement, 46.7%light and moderate pelvic floor dysfunction can be cured, and 30%to 40%of patients have improved to varying degrees.

Vaginal dumbbell

The basin rehabilitation of the pot is also known as vaginal dumbbells. It consists of a plastic balloon with metal inner core. Each weight is 20 to 70 grams, which varies from size. There is a thin line at the tail, which is convenient to remove from the vagina.

Patients can choose a dumbbell suitable for weight. When the bottom muscles are contracted, the dumbbells should not fall out of the vagina.Patients shrink the bottom muscles of the basin to keep the dumbbells in the vagina for 1 minute, and gradually extend the time. When they can keep more than 10 minutes, after coughing, laughing, running, etc.EssenceFor 3 months, 80%of patients can improve the bottom of the basin.

It is suitable for women of almost all ages, and can also be used to prevent the decline in the bottom of the basin and improve the quality of sexual life, but it is necessary to adhere to the training for more than half a year before it can be effective.

Patients with moderate degrees often need to be effectively restored with the help of professionals and instruments to effectively restore pelvic cavity. It is better to cooperate with self -rehabilitation therapy at the same time.


The recovery of the method is the pottery muscle exercise method assisted by the physician. There are four stages:

In the first stage, doctors pressed their fingers to the patient’s perineum and kept a certain pressure to observe their elasticity.Then place the middle and index finger on the back of the vagina, and press the deep muscle group of the bottom of the basin with your fingers to guide the muscle contraction and relaxation, so that the patient knows which muscle he should contract.

In the second stage, when the patient learns to contrast the basin of the basin alone, then train the patient to relax the abdomen or hip muscles when the bottom muscle contraction of the basin.

In the third stage, continuing to practice pelvic floor muscle contraction exercises to gradually increase the sustainability of muscle contraction.

In the fourth stage, in the case of increasing abdominal pressure, such as cough, laughing, jumping, pressing abdominal muscles, etc., the coordinated contraction of abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles allows patients to shrink well even if the abdominal pressure is increased.

Biological feedback therapy

Biological feedback therapy uses the instrument to measure the pressure in the vagina, with electric stimulation to coordinate the correct contraction of the muscle to achieve the curative effect.

The instruments are not complicated, and can be divided into probes and pressure meters.The probe is tubular and placed in the vagina. It has a pressure sensor, which can record the contraction force of the muscles. It can also release pulse electricity and stimulate muscle contraction.In addition, the electrode will be placed on the abdominal wall to monitor the contraction of the abdominal muscles at the same time.The other end of the probe is connected to the pressure meter. When the bottom muscle of the basin is contracted, the instrument can display changes in the pressure and draw a curve chart.

During the exercise, the doctor will understand the contraction of the basin and abdominal muscles based on the pressure curve on the screen, such as strength, time, etc., to give electrical stimulation in a timely manner, so that patients can understand their pelvic floor muscles, and correctly shrink the pelvic floor muscles to effectively effectivebuild muscle.

Because patients with pelvic dysfunction have lack of understanding, ashamed of opening their teeth, difficulty in persistence, and unwillingness to treat them, there are many "yin -shrinking products" advertisements on the market, especially on the Internet.In fact, fish and dragons should be used with caution.

For example, some vaginal suppositories and oral drugs claim that they can penetrate the bottom muscle to repair their elastic fibers, and have anti -inflammatory and sterilization effects. Naturally, the vagina is contracted, the pleasure of increasing sexual contact, and reducing the phenomenon of yin blowing.In fact, its main ingredients are very unclear, or the standard is "eliminated", and has a certain disinfection and sterilization effect, but it is not obvious for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.Some people will also have allergies.

Some beauty institutions have launched injection shrinkage, which actually uses drugs to make vaginal tissue necrosis scabs, which causes austerity. The effect is not obvious and cannot be maintained for a long time. Its safety is currently questioned.Some patients had ever caused vaginal leaks due to injection contraction, which led to the eighth level of disability.Therefore, patients should be carefully selected and try to go to a regular medical institution.”Postpartum”

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