How to correctly judge the four inspections of leucorrhea abnormalities can be diagnosed

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The gynecological disease that we often see is often abnormal in vaginal discharge and abnormal leucorrhea. Many people do not know how to judge their bodies. Protoles abnormalities are common gynecological diseases. There are many reasons for abnormal leucorrhea.What should I do?How to diagnose leucorrhea abnormalities?How to correctly judge the four examinations of leucorrhea abnormalities to confirm the diagnosis.

If female friends have abnormal leucorrhea, it will bring great harm to themselves, and the serious situation may also cause a situation where female friends are infertile.Therefore, women must be highly alert to whether their leucorrhea is abnormal, so how to judge whether the leucorrhea is abnormal?

If you find that the leucorrhea color does not appear deeper or the leucorrhea has become more in daily life, you must be careful whether you have an abnormal leucorrhea, because it is determined that the abnormal leucorrhea is mainly distinguished from color, leucorrhea, and taste.

1. The leucorrhea is brown.

In the cotton or foreign body residue that falls off from a condom, the leucorrhea will appear brown with odor and color.

2. In the ovulation period, the leucorrhea will become more.

The existence of leucorrhea is a normal physiology of women, especially between 12 to 16 days of the scheduled date of menstruation. There are many leucorrhea with transparent egg whites, but there are also a few female friends who will be different.After entering the ovulation period, such leucorrhea can help the entering of the sperm and be more conducive to the conception of female friends.

3. There are more leucorrhea.

Some female friends are normal for leucorrhea, but the amount of leucorrhea is large, which causes the underwear to be soaked. It is likely to be because the cervix or the vagina occurs in inflammation or erosion or polyps.

4. The leucorrhea is accompanied by itching.

The leucorrhea appears sterilized cheese, and the vulva is particularly itchy. First of all, it is necessary to doubt whether the mold vaginitis occurs. Even if itching is not very serious, the leucorrhea color is white or yellow.It is trichomonas vaginitis. When the above situation is accompanied by odor, it is usually considered as the above two diseases.

5. The amount of leucorrhea suddenly becomes more.

Female friends are neither when the ovulation period is not during pregnancy, when the amount of leucorrhea suddenly becomes a sudden increase, it should first suspect that the uterus or vagina may be abnormal.The leucorrhea is purulent and increased.

In daily life, if you want to prevent abnormal leucorrhea abnormalities, you must first have the best hygiene work. Be sure to change the underwear and take a bath. It is best not to soak in the bathtub when you take a bath.Grasp the time, not too long.Don’t wear tight nylon underwear. The material of the underwear is best to choose cotton underwear. Some female friends are afraid that the leucorrhea will always use the pads to stain the underwear. In fact, this method can easily cause the vulva of female friendsThis approach is very incorrect, so do not use sanitary pads during the period outside the menstrual period.

All in all, abnormal leucorrhea is not terrible, as long as everyone finds early treatment and regains health.

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