How to distinguish the type of bitter gourd and understand the nutritional value of bitter gourd

We eat vegetables every day, but there are very few consumers who really understand vegetables. We will share the classification of bitter gourd today.

1. From the color of bitter gourd:

1: Bai Big Gourd

White bitter gourd, also known as white jade bitter gourd, is as white as jade, and has a history of planting in Taiwan for more than 60 years. Now it is planted in Mingxi County, Zhang Po County, and Chaoshan, Guangdong.

Gourd -long spindle type, 0.73kg of single melon, white and shiny in the melon skin, irregular protrusions on the surface, light green, thick meat, moderate bitterness, good quality, and heat resistance.

The taste is not as bitter than green bitter gourd, the taste will be crispy than green bitter gourd, more water, and it is more suitable for juice.

White bitter gourd

2: Green bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is native to East India, and is widely cultivated in the world’s tropical to temperate regions.Northern and south of China are commonly cultivated.

Green bitter gourd fruit spin -shaped or cylindrical, polyphonous wrinkles, mature green green.

Green bitter gourd

Two: Classification of bitter gourd variety:

1: Daling (Dading)

Daoding bitter gourd is a variety of bitter gourds unique to Dali Tanbian. The reason why Dading’s bitter gourd is famous for its own excellence. The sweet plant grows up and grows, and the branches are strong.

The authentic big bitter gourd scoop is less thick and large, and the top body is short.The appearance is green, the taste is crispy, and the taste is sweet.

Big Ding (Dading)

2: Gourd

The melon is conical, the shoulders are flat, the fruit is medium size, the fruit is about 20 cm long, the peel is oily green, the gloss is tumor, the appearance is beautiful, the quality is good, the flesh is thick, the bitterness is medium, and the bitter taste is medium.


3: Sometimes long green bitter gourd is also called Shandong bitter gourd

The long green bitter gourd was selected by the Big Gourd and White Bitter Gourd from the Vegetable Research Institute of the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Gourd skin is green and green, thick, less seeds, and cooked melon meat is crispy and tender, and the bitter taste is moderate.

The thick melon is long -forming, and the melon weighs 300 to 500 grams. The surface of the melon has irregular tumor -like protrusions. The melon skin is green and green, thick, less seeds, and crispy and tender, and the bitter taste is moderate.

Green bitter gourd (sometimes it is also called Shandong bitter gourd)

Three: The nutritional value of bitter gourd:

Clear heat and detoxification: bitter gourd can leak the heat in the heart and eliminate the toxins in the body.

Beauty skin rejuvenation: Frequent bitter gourd can enhance the vitality of the cortical layer and make the skin tender and beautiful.

Blood glucose: bitter gourd and rough extract contain similar insulin substances, and have obvious blood glucose effects.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd is sweet and cold, which can clear heat, remove annoyance, and quench thirst.The two are used together, the heat is clear and nourishing yin, and the diabetes is suitable for those who have no heat in the stomach yin.

Nourishing blood and nourishing liver: bitter gourd taste bitter, cold is cold, and cooked is warm.Raw food to clear the heat and heat, relieve heat and remove annoyance; cooked food nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, moisturizing the spleen and nourishing the kidneys, can remove evil heat, solve the lack of labor, clear the heart, and nourish qi and aphrodisiac.But you should also pay attention not to damage the qi of the spleen and lungs.Although the weather is hot in summer, people should not eat too much bitter food, and it is best to match the food (such as pepper, pepper, green onion, garlic), so as to avoid bitterness and help to nourish lung qi.

Anti -inflammatory and degradation: Although not everyone eats bitter gourd, it is extremely rich in nutrients. In addition to protein, sugar, minerals, and vitamins, it also contains several unique ingredients.Among them, the bitter taste is known as "fat killer", which can clear the heat and heat, strengthen the spleen and appetite; bitter gourd can regulate blood pressure, blood lipids, cholesterol, etc. to protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular;Activating blood circulation, anti -inflammatory, degeneration, clear heart and other functions.Bitter gourd is particularly suitable for spring and summer fires to help treat symptoms, heat stroke, and mules.

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