How to do the high blood sugar during pregnancy, the expert teaches you to eat healthy

Source: Guangzhou Daily

Picture/Guangzhou Daily All -Media Reporter Zhang Qingmei and Weng Shuxian

Guangzhou Daily News (All media reporters Zhang Qingmei, Weng Shuxian correspondent Huang Yuexing, Wei Xing, Yuan Youfen) Pregnancy diabetes refers to abnormal sugar metabolic metabolic metabolism that occurs or discovered for the first time during pregnancy. It is a common complication of pregnancy. In recent yearsThe incidence is close to 15%.What should I do if I find gestational diabetes?Many pregnant women will be very nervous. Some restrict their diet by themselves, deliberately reduce the staple food or even dare not eat rice noodles, and some dare not eat meat or fruits.Experts said that these practices are unscientific, which is not conducive to obtaining comprehensive and balanced nutrition for pregnant women, and it is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus. In severe cases, hypoglycemia and even ketone disease will experience hypoglycemia.Experts suggest that patients receive nutritional treatment as early as possible. On the one hand, they provide sufficient nutrition to ensure the health of the fetus and mother, so that the weight of pregnancy will increase moderately, and at the same time help control blood sugar to the normal range.

How should I eat it?Shen Feng, deputy chief physician and chief physician of Pan Danfeng, the Department of Nutrition Department of the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou, as follows:

1. Reasonable control of dietary weight

Eat according to the advice of a nutritional doctor. This is one of the key to nutritional therapy. This weight is formulated by comprehensive consideration of nutritionists. The doctor will calculateThe energy required for pregnant women and various nutrients, and then replace it into the amount of food.It can ensure nutritional needs, but also conducive to blood glucose control.

2. Reasonable matching staple food

The staple food is reasonably matched on the basis of the control component, and the variety of low blood glucose index is selected.The choice of food for hypoglycemia index is also an important part of nutritional therapy.The blood glucose index is an index that measures the blood sugar reaction caused by food. Incubine the high blood sugar index food will increase the blood sugar after meals, and the low blood glucose index food will increase the blood sugar after meals, which will help regulate and control control.Blood glucose level.Therefore, breakfast can be chosen to pink powder, buckwheat noodles, etc., lunch and dinner can choose coarse grain rice, that is, add coarse grains and other coarse grains such as buckwheat rice, black rice, oats, etc. to avoid staple foods with high blood sugar index such as fine rice noodles, fine bread spots, and bread spots.White porridge and so on.

3. Meat should be diverse

It is advisable to choose a variety with low fat content such as fish, lean meat, peeling poultry, etc., and eat less meat with high fat content, such as fat, fat beef, pork feet, sausage, bacon, etc. to reduce the intake of saturated fatty acidsEssence

4. Eat more fresh vegetables

Especially green leaves and dark vegetables, which are appropriate to eat seaweed and mushrooms. These foods are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, which can help control blood sugar.It is recommended to have at least 400 ~ 500g of vegetables a day, and dark vegetables should be more than half.

5. Make sure the daily intake of milk

Dairy not only contains high -quality protein and rich calcium, but also combines with the staple food to reduce the blood glucose index. It is recommended to drink 1-2 cups of milk a day.

6. Eat fruit in time in time

Those with stable blood glucose can choose fruits with low sugar content and low blood glucose index, such as small tomatoes, plums, strawberries, Ximei, grapefruit, etc. It is generally recommended to eat between two meals.

7. Rich dietary types

The daily diet types should reach 12 or more, and 25 or more per week.It is recommended that pregnant women have daily meals and meals 3 to 3 times a day. They should chew slowly and slow down to slow down the meal. The order of the meal is also particular. Studies have found that the habit of eating vegetables first and the last staple food is conducive to controlling blood sugar.

8. Life regularly, exercise appropriately

Measted weight every week and timely inspection to ensure proper weight growth.After 1 to 2 weeks of nutritional treatment, the blood glucose and urine ketone can be reviewed for 2H after meals.As long as the treatment is actively cooperated, most patients with gestational diabetes can control blood sugar in the ideal range.If the blood glucose does not reach the control target (the empty blood glucose <5.3 mmol/L, 1h <7.8mmol/L after the meal, and 2h <6.7mmol/L) after the meal, you should re -examination in time to adjust the treatment plan.

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