How to exercise during pregnancy

After entering the middle of pregnancy, the situation of the uterus is relatively stable. Your wife can do some exercise appropriately to promote the healthy development of the baby.Wife participates in the "pregnancy" meeting, you are the best sparring.So how do you do a good job of sparring?Different exercises, your tasks will be different!Let’s take a look together!

1. Walk

Walking is the most suitable exercise during pregnancy. Even if your wife does not like exercise before pregnancy, this free walk will be accepted after pregnancy.At this time, with your company, it is safe and comfortable, and it can also increase the intimacy of husband and wife.

How to do: Before departure, you need to help your wife prepare comfortable pregnant women’s shoes; put things she needed, such as paper towels, snacks, water cups, etc., and packed them in bags, and the heavy work of the bag is of course contracted by you.It; her stomach is equipped with a "bowling ball", and she will become slower. You have to cooperate with her rhythm and walk slowly.

2. Yoga

To do yoga during pregnancy can maintain muscle tension, make your wife’s body more flexible, and reduce the pressure of joints.

How to do: You can prepare elastic sportswear for his wife to facilitate her physical activity and stretching; before she exercise, in the middle, and after, supplement her water to prevent dehydration; during the practice, it should be at any time, at any time, it is necessary to be at any time.Help her body, and often encourage her, keep her confident and persist to the end.

3. Dancing

Reasonable dancing is not only safe, but also has many benefits to the health of pregnant people, such as relieving discomfort during pregnancy, enhancing physical fitness, and helping to produce.

How to do: The changes in hormones during pregnancy will make your wife’s muscles and joints relatively relaxed. In order to avoid the strain of muscle and joints during exercise, you better help her to warm up; if the wife is in her own house, followDance music, then you have to sort out the environment, prepare a chair or spread a blanket on the floor, move the things that hinder her stretching her body, and look at it to prevent hair accidents.

Editor’s Tips

Although it is necessary to exercise in the right way during pregnancy, any exercise that may make your wife fall down is questionable.This includes not only high -risk movements, but also riding bicycles in daily life and playing table tennis.As the best sparring, you must always take care of his wife, and she can’t control the exercise. Don’t encourage her to do it.

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