How to get off when the dog is pregnant, it is best to go to the pet hospital for treatment

How to get it off when the dog is pregnant. If you do n’t want dogs to get pregnant, it is best to have a birthplace surgery for them. It is best to take care of them when you are pregnant.It affects.How can the dog get rid of it when you are pregnant? Let me introduce it to everyone below.

Only one week, you should have time to take medicine, and even if it is too late, you can go to the pet hospital for a little older, and you can get it.


From 1 to 30 days is the first stage, and the bitch in the concerted (within one to two weeks) of the party must avoid strenuous exercise and it is easy to have a miscarriage! Ensure that the bitch’s feeding level is usually possible. Do not add too much meat, eggs, nutrition and food.Because the fetus grows slowly and it is very small. If you feed too much food, the nutrition will be absorbed by the bitch, that is, it is fat for the bitch!

30 to 45 days is the second stage. The fetus in the abdomen of the bitch began to grow! The most direct change you can feel is the frequent urine of the bitch. If you walk once a day in the morning and evening, you need to add one more or twice every day or twice every day.Increase the amount of exercise appropriately to make the bitch’s physical fit! Properly increase nutrition, meat, eggs, yogurt … It must be a little. If the fetus absorbs too much nutrition, it will grow too fast, it will also be difficult to produce!

45 to 60 days is the third stage. You can obviously see the bitch’s belly bulging! In the last few days, you can touch the fetus and roll in the belly! Make sure that the bitch has a certain amount of exercise., Take it to take more walks.At this time, the bitch is like a hungry wolf, and it will never eat enough! To control the amount of feeding (about 20%~ 50%more than usual!), If you are soft -hearted, it will hurt it!


Do not feed foods that should not be digested during pregnancy during pregnancy, and regularly quantitative; do not feed snacks, do not feed meat that is not cooked or processed;; Pay attention to hygiene and often disinfect.Do not let pets mothers eat moldy foods and provide them with clean drinking water.

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