How to get pregnant quickly?5 o’clock to teach you to get pregnant quickly

The appearance of children in each family can add a lot of happiness, and the child is a bond between the relationship between husband and wife, but some husbands and wives can not conceive their children after many years of marriage.Everyone explains in detail the 5 magic tricks of fast pregnancy.

How to get pregnant quickly? The 5 -point trick of fast pregnancy:

1. Equipment testing

The eugenics testing project mainly includes the basic testing of the reproductive health of men and women, the detection of genetic diseases, seven eugenic antibodies, and endocrine testing. Such testing can avoid accidents such as fetal development and abortion, and eugenics.

2. Men’s semen testing is indispensable

Women are not pregnant and are likely to be caused by men’s semen abnormalities. Therefore, men’s semen quality inspection is indispensable. Only men provide high -quality semen can combine with women’s eggs.However, some bad habits in life will lead to a decline in sperm quality. I hope that every male usually develops good living habits.

3. Must control intercourse, too frequent and unfavorable pregnancy

We know that the formation of men’s sperm takes a while. If the same frequency of the same house will cause the semen to dilute and the sperm production will be insufficient.Therefore, it is hoped that men should restrain intercourse and master a degree to ensure the amount of sperm and make their other half pregnant.

4. The best time for women to conceive

The master of women’s pregnancy is also the key to whether the success of pregnancy is successful. The best pregnancy period is that women’s uterine mucus secretion becomes more and the length of the brushes will be maintained for a week.Grasp the time of this week.

5. Treat pregnancy with relaxed and happy emotions

If both the husband and wife are too nervous, it is difficult to get pregnant normally.

With these two main performances, it indicates that you are successful in your pregnancy!

"I have been preparing for a long time. How can I know if I am pregnant?" This is a problem for many pregnant women.Generally speaking, after the pregnancy is successful, women’s bodies will happen below:

1. Sudden menopause

Women who usually do normal menstruation found that they suddenly did not come after a week after the menstrual cycle. At this time, they should go to the hospital to check their urine to determine whether they are pregnant.

2. Change of breasts

In the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts will increase, and it becomes solid and heavy, with a feeling of fullness and tingling.The isola color is deeper, the small particles appear particularly prominent, and the brown nodules appear.

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