How to know about pregnancy as soon as possible?The two places are the most sensitive, and the first -fetch mother must know

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Knowing that I was pregnant at the first time, or suspecting that I was pregnant, this was very important.

After pregnancy, we need to pay attention to a lot of things. If you do n’t know if you are pregnant, your mother is still confused, and you do n’t pay attention in all aspects. For example, you have a slight cold symptoms to take cold medicine.Damage and so on.

A good friend can be said to be very great. When she was 2 weeks pregnant, she knew nothing and followed the tour group to visit Guizhou.

The distance between various attractions in Guizhou is far away. She travels to a bus every day. She does not have a motion sickness at all. However, this time travels, she feels extremely uncomfortable on the bus. The motion sickness is severe, and the symptoms of vomiting also occur.

She had a very good appetite, especially the buffet breakfast of the hotel, but this time looking at the rich breakfast, she had no appetite at all.

What was most afraid of her was that during this period, she always had sputum. She always thought that she was a cold. Friends who dragged their peers went to the pharmacy to buy medicines. Fortunately, the pharmacy was closed at the time.I didn’t go to the pharmacy everywhere.

When a friend of her peers asked her if she was pregnant, she also denied: Impossible, how is it possible!

After returning from Guizhou, in view of the personal physical condition and personal status of this week, she also had doubts. You must know that she usually has a very good physical strength, and she will not be so tired at all. Even for the rest, many attractions have not been completed.

The inspection found that it was really pregnant, and it showed 3 weeks of pregnancy.

Later, I recalled my own symptoms. The friend always shook his head and said: Because there is no experience, I checked the information and found that many of my symptoms have long appeared, but I know nothing about it.

The two most obvious places after pregnancy are:

1. Mild discomfort will occur in the abdomen

Once women are pregnant, their bodies begin to change a lot, and they will slowly prepare for life.

The most typical change is that the uterus starts to get bigger. At this time, women will feel slight discomfort in the abdomen.

Sometimes it is easy to confuse the symptoms before the "Auntie", because the experience of the two is really similar.

2. Swelling of the chest

After pregnancy, the most obvious change is that the chest will feel a clear sense of swelling.

This is directly related to the secretion of hormone secretion of personal body, but this feeling is similar to the feeling before the "big aunt", and it is easy to confuse.

In fact, there are many feelings after pregnancy. As long as we pay a little attention and understand a little, we can learn that we are pregnant for the first time.

1. Fatigue

After pregnancy, the body will be easy to get tired. If you are usually good in your body, you have sufficient vitality every day, and suddenly become weak for a while. I always want to lie down and have no strength.Think about it.

2. Symptoms of slight colds

Many mothers will have a slight cold symptoms after pregnancy, just like my friend, so it is easy to mistakenly think that he has a cold.

This also needs to be noticed. If it is really pregnant, but according to a cold, and it is not diagnosed by a doctor, buying a house directly in a pharmacy will have a great impact on the fetus.

3. Severe drowsiness appears

After pregnancy, the body is easy to feel weak, and there will be the current situation of drowsiness. If the quality of sleep was not good before, it was found that the sleep quality suddenly improved, and the pillow could fall asleep.sleep.

If the child is within the scope of his own plan, the best result is of course to prepare for pregnancy, pregnancy, and tires, it is best to avoid accidental pregnancy.

1. Planning to be pregnant is conducive to adjusting my person’s time

Women now have their own jobs, and unexpected pregnancy will disrupt many of their plans, including promotion and salary increase.

In contrast, planning is pregnant, high efficiency, low impact, and minimize the impact on the cause.

2. Planning pregnancy is good for fetal health

Planning to be pregnant is also conducive to fetal health. This is because during the planned period, the two began to pay attention to personal lifestyle and routine laws, pay attention to diet control, and supplement the nutrients needed for the body.

In this state of conception, of course, it is most favorable for the fetus.

3. Plan for pregnancy can be known for the first time

Another is that during the planning of pregnancy, my mother will pay special attention to her physical changes. However, if there is a little change, the mother can detect and check in time.

The unexpected pregnancy is different. Moms who are not sensitive and have no major changes in their bodies are discovered until the third trimester.

A mother, even when she gave birth, insisted that she was impossible to get pregnant, because she was wrong with pregnancy, and she had never conceived in various ways. How could she be pregnant!

If you plan to get pregnant, you cannot have such a problem.

Life should be a big plan. When when is the marriage, when the child is about, only when the plan is done, the mother’s personal life will not be disrupted, so that for the family and children.It became a housewife that did not think about.

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