How to prepare for pregnant couples scientifically calculate the ovulation period, the ovulation test strip is used so correctly

Pregnancy is a very magical thing. Some people have never seen each other for many years. Some people have no intention to insert willow, but they can win a bid.Whether you can get pregnant easily has a great relationship with a woman’s ovulation period.If you can accurately calculate the ovulation period, you will not be so difficult to conceive.

So how to predict the ovulation period?

Generally, the ovulation period is calculated through the basic body temperature method, but this method is more troublesome, which is time -consuming and laborious.Another is ovulation test strip, which is simple and fast and the results are relatively accurate.

What is ovulation test paper?

Ovulation test strips are measured by measuring the urine concentration of luteal formation after ovulation to calculate whether it is ovulation.If you use ovulation test strips from 24 hours to 36 hours after ovulation, the test strip will be displayed as positive.This is also the best time to conceive.

How to use ovulation test paper correctly?

The method of use is similar to the early pregnancy test strip. Preparation of pregnant mothers in the morning puts morning urine in substantial testing.If the test results are positive, it is in the ovulation period and is a pregnancy period. At this time, the husband and wife live, and the chance of conception is very high.

The time to use ovulation test strips is also important. It is recommended to start using test strips on the twelfth day after the end of the holiday, and test each morning and evening.

Is the accuracy of ovulation test strips high?

If there is no abnormal hormone secretion for pregnant women, the accuracy of the ovulation test strip is much higher than the method of mild cervical mucus.If a pregnant woman has abnormal hormone secretion, it is recommended to use the combination of urine detection and blood pressure detection to evaluate whether the ovulation period is used.

3 critical periods that are prone to conception

1. Two days before the ovulation period, the chance of conception is greater

The survey results of a research group in the United States show that the first and the second day of the ovulation period have the largest chance of conception.When the ovulation starts, the eggs will come to the mirror in the mirror. The less waiting, the greater the chance of conception.

2. Sexual life should not be too frequent

The chance of conception is not directly related to the frequency of sexual life, and of course there is no one at a time.Too much frequency may reduce the concentration, quality, and activity of the sperm, but it is not suitable for pregnancy.

3. Avoid stress

Due to long -term infertility, many husbands and wives are under pressure.Especially in the ovulation period, the man and the woman are undergoing greater body and mental stress, which is not conducive to pregnancy.Both husband and wife should respect each other’s body and feelings, and can better conceive in a relatively relaxed environment.

Well, the mother of the fairy again also came to conduct a survey. How long did you get pregnant before you pregnant?

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