How to prevent or repair stretch marks when pregnant?Pregnant mothers do 4 things well, and the belly is clean and clean

Under the ten -month tug -of -war war, I showed disdain on the pregnancy stripes: I want to stop me from becoming beautiful?

Although it is an unfortunate mother (because of the signs of stretch marks), I am also the most persistent pregnant mother (the signs are strangled by me)!

Tell out!It is not difficult to prevent stretch marks!The difficult is persistence!

I believe that everyone knows the most common means: exercise+diet, reasonably control weight growth, and improve their physique.

Exercise is an important means to improve physical fitness–

I have made a reasonable plan for my own condition as I just got pregnant:

After half an hour after meals, take a walk (30min)

Make a set of yoga before eating in the morning (I did not report to the training class, watched Bilibili video)

Go to the gym to swim in the afternoon. It should not be too long at the same time.

There are different ways to exercise for pregnant mothers in different situations:

Pregnant mothers who never exercise before pregnancy: Take a moderate amount of walking after meals. The "squatting" yoga is very suitable. Anyone pays attention to a force.

Pregnant mothers who exercise every week before pregnancy: You can refer to my training method, and spend about one to two hours a day for exercise, walking, yoga, swimming, etc.

(Don’t stretch your tendons. As people who often cramps during pregnancy, it is really a bit painful. You can relax the muscles by massage)

Pregnant mothers with a history of adverse pregnancy: Pregnant mothers who have had natural abortion and artificial abortion, everything is mainly based on preservation, and can go out for a walk when the fetal position is stable. More time is on the tire!As well as

Diet during pregnancy is also the highlight–

It is low sugar, low oil and low salt.There is nothing to say about this. Du Niang, Xiaohong Department, Zhi Hu and other platforms have many such delicious and healthy diet strategies.

In addition to the beginning of my pregnancy, I don’t have a good appetite at the beginning. I dinner three meals a day and regular meals:

Note: Eat less meals, do not eat very full, normal is enough.You can eat some bird’s nest to drink some milk, and you can eat some buckwheat bread.

Preventing stretch marks was the earliest about three months, and it was the most obvious by six or seven months.

It is important to choose the right product-

Tender Folic acid Wedicate Essence Essence-Lord Prevention

The patented activity ingredients with a purity of more than 95%can effectively inhibit collagen and elastic fiber breaks, which greatly increases skin elasticity.

Turneramide is also reproducible. It not only helps the skin to lock water, but also promotes the self -repair and control of skin cells in the skin barrier.

Although it is said to be essence, there is not much stickiness in the actual use. The texture of the crowded is similar to the cream just sent. It feels soft and glutinous, and the touch makes people comfortable.

It is clear and cool on the body, which to a large extent relieves the itching of the stomach. It feels moist and not oily. I think about massage twice every time.

Moisturizing and moisturizing is important-

Child bud body milk

As a domestically produced maternity and baby skin care brand, it is also firm in safety. There is no irritating component. There is no messy flavor. The alcohol composition is included, and the sensitive muscle mothers can also rush.

The main body milk is the main moisturizing ingredients of patented hydrolyzed collagen from Japan. The molecules are small enough to penetrate the deep layers of the skin for hydrating and moisturizing.The texture of the body milk is thin and thin, and it will not feel greasy to apply it to the belly. It is very comfortable ~

And there is no fragrance to use. Sisters with severe pregnancy are not worried. It is usually used with the essence milk of Nenfu’s family. It is also matched with massage techniques to make the skin better absorb the effective ingredients in the product.

The daily usage method is simple massage. It is recommended that the massage method is as follows ↓

Nenfu belly film

This belly film of the Nenfu family is also a good thing to deal with stretch marks that he often repurchases. The main ingredient is various vegetable oil+hydrolyzed collagen. Its membrane cloth is very comfortable, soft, and has a good soothing and hydrating effect.Essence

Persist in use every day, the price is not cheap, more than 100.But think about more than 100 masks on the face. If the area is calculated, the belly film is super cost -effective!And it has a lot of essence in it, which is really more comfortable than other brands.

Finally, as for mothers who have grown stretch marks, it is very important to maintain a good mentality.

That pattern is also a record of our life experience, and it is also a medal to commemorate the efforts we have worked hard for the baby.

Wish good pregnancy!

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