How to prevent stretch marks?How to eliminate the growing stretch marks?

When I heard that I was pregnant and gave birth to a baby, what was your most troublesome?

Body, hair loss, not sleeping well, waist acid

The child’s noisy and endless milk …

In fact, the most annoying is long stretch marks!

After giving birth to a baby, many mothers saw stretch marks on the stomach. They felt that inferiority was uncomfortable. They were afraid of being seen. They would never dare to wear umbilical outfits, and even affect the life of husband and wife!

How should pregnant mothers prevent stretch marks?Can the growing stretch marks be eliminated?Today, let’s talk about those things about stretch marks ~

1. Why can’t stretch marks be prevented 100%?

When a person’s skin is pulled quickly/stretching, this stripes will appear.This is because although our skin is elastic, excessive stretching exceeds the limits of skin elasticity –

Stretch marks are actually a kind of expansion.Due to the growth of fetal growth during pregnancy, the abdomen becomes larger and the skin is lengthened. Once the skin’s limit is exceeded, the skin fiber will break and damage to varying degrees, which will form stretch marks.

In addition, hormone changes and excessive nutritional nutrition leads to the growth of the weight of stretch marks.

Therefore, as long as the skin has excessive stretching, stretch marks may occur, and it is impossible to prevent 100%. Whether it is pregnancy, obesity, and the rapid growth of the body during adolescence, it is the same reason.

As the gestational week increases, stretch marks will slowly change from pink to purple -red, and it is becoming more and more obvious, and the number is increasing.In addition to the stomach, some expectant mothers can "grow" stretch marks in places where fats such as their legs, hips, waists, backs, and breasts are easy to accumulate.

The stretch marks are not so terrible, and you need to know it correctly:

If you have stretch marks, you must first know that there will be no health risk of stretch marks, just you may feel that the appearance is not so good.Secondly, it is not a problem with you to adjust your mindset. This kind of stripes are more common than you imagine.A study shows that 50%to 90%of pregnant women will have stretch marks during pregnancy; and 6%to 86%of teenagers and 43%of obese people will also have stripes such as and stretch marks.Even if you do nothing, stretch marks will fade over time; however, treatment may make them less obvious faster.

2. How to prevent stretch marks?

1. Don’t overeating and suddenly getting heavy, even during pregnancy, let yourself slowly gain weight

Overweight or too fast during pregnancy or overweight, it is easy to cause damage to skin fiber and accelerate the growth of stretch marks. Therefore, expectant mothers must do a good job of weight management to effectively prevent stretch marks.

In the case of normal weight before pregnancy, the increase in weight in the early stages of early pregnancy does not exceed 2kg.

In the case of overweight before pregnancy, in the middle and late pregnancy, the weekly weight increases by about 0.3kg per week

2. Balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals

Some studies have found that pregnant women with increased alcohol intake, decreased drinking water, and low blood vitamin C levels are more prone to stretch marks.

3. Use some skin care products, wrinkle removal, hydrating, and reduce skin irritation

A comparison study of random, double -blindness, and placebo in pregnant women shows that local application containing hydroxylcesene C, rose fruit oil, snow grass three -萜 and vitamin E can reduce the severity of stretch marks.The key wrinkle removal and moisturizing.

3. Why are there so many stretch marks on the market?Is it really useful?

Having said so much, if you want to manage your own stretch marks, what kind of products should you buy.

First of all, the effectiveness of the product depends mainly on the three aspects:

1. Whether the active prevention and repair ingredients in the product are sufficient

The scientists have not found things that completely prevent stretch marks.However, preliminary studies have found that these ingredients may be:

Clampsus, tonsil oil, almond oil, olive oil, horned sharkane, a variety of vitamins and fatty acids, can increase the production of collagen and elastic fibers.

2. What is the effect of moisturizing and whether it can increase the moisturizing and elasticity of the skin. We know that the basis of all skin care is hydrating and moisturizing. This is the lifestyle of the skin.

3. Is the most important point safe?Products during pregnancy are not only used by women, but also babies in their stomachs in a critical stage of development.In addition to the effective ingredients used at this time, the less the product is added, the basic is the harmless adding such as fragrance -free and alcohol.

Throughout the market, the domestic brand Owiner Oville is still doing well. The skin care efficacy brand is dependent on the parent company Valp Pharmaceutical.The domestic fashion show "Spicy Mom College" and "Grass Planting Mama" also recommended Oville.The Oville stretch marks series have a good reputation.

Safe can rest assured that Oville’s product components have been strictly screened by strict malformations. They are removed one by one for any harmful ingredients. They are replaced by experts and effective ingredients to ensure the health and safety of mothers and babies.

OWINER Oville Prevention of Pregnancy Turium Repair Milk -Anti -Pattern Repair Essence Milk

The main effect of this is to prevent diluting stretch marks. It is the texture of the lotion. The mother -produced mother to prevent a dedicated product. Its core effective ingredients corner shark anxle.Force, you can also effectively repair the fracture elastic fiber.

Avocado fruit lipid oil, olive fruit oil, these are collagen to enhance skin elasticity, as well as seaweed sugar to hydrate and moisturize and moisturize the pregnancy muscles, alleviate dry skin itching, cherry extract, effective whitening skin, dilute dull pigmentEssenceIt is a particularly good ingredient. Basically, if you persist, more than 80%of stretch marks can be prevented.

OWINER Oville Stretch Market Repair Cream -Tip Tattoo Repair Cream

This effect is mainly for diluted and repairing the growing stretch marks. The main ingredients are sweet tonsils, olive fruit oil, nicanol, and Hohaba seed oil.Stretch marks, the effective rate of clinical verification has reached 93%. The two -month clinical test of healthy women with pregnancy patterns has been reduced by 93%, the surface repair is 97%, and the deep repair is 90%. The color is reduced by 93%.Multiple nutritional ingredients effectively repair and dilute stretch marks,

OWINER Oville Stretch Market Repair Cream -Ou Shu Tattoo Tyrnoma

This enhanced version of this decoration of stretch marks, the introduction of Korean and Hanfo technology, can not only lighten the stretch marks, but also tighten the effect of abdomen, especially suitable for new mothers.It contains more than 15 kinds of plant components, cumulative grass extracts, and has the effect of removing scars and patterns. Clampstroke extracts can make the skin softer and can effectively solve the problem of skin relaxation.Like lotus extracts, the collagen and elastic protein formation of protein fiber has a stimulating effect, showing its ability to enhance skin activity, combined with antioxidant properties, can be used for anti -aging and anti -wrinkle cosmetics;, Steamed A -Gumpochamne, supplement collagen, and enhance skin elasticity particularly good ingredients.Yi or Orchid oil can hydrate and moisturize the fine lines. Promoting cell regeneration can effectively stimulate elastic fiber and collagen fiber composition, enhance cell hydration function, dilute the pregnancy lines, repair skin dental components and effects are a particularly good stretch marks.Fix cream.

Furthermore, in addition to the deformed screening just mentioned, there is also the security certification of the Nobel Prize biotechnology technology. The small fish test is the consumer product safety information platform. Through the application of the Fish embryo toxicity testing technology won the Nobel Prize.The green fish grade of the small fish, the ingredients have been screened, and the ingredients are not disabled and highly focused on the ingredients, and the safety of the product is also verified.

Owiner Ovily’s pregnancy -producing mother can use professional pregnancy nursing brands that can be used with confidence. The product segmentation of product segmentation for various nursing stages of stretch marks is also more professional.Moms during pregnancy can choose products that suits them according to different situations.

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